New Website Launch: Q&A Session

December 11, 2017

Cavendish Homecare has re-branded. We were curious to know the ins and outs of this change, directly from the Managers – Mairead Liston and Denise Moore.

We sat with them and chatted about all the new things you can expect to find on the website, which reflects this dedicated Homecare company.

Could you talk us through the decision to rebrand? Why did you feel a change was needed?

Mairead Liston:  When Cavendish Homecare was established back in 2009 it was, and still is, part of the international recruitment company Cavendish Professionals.  Over the years it’s become evident that Cavendish Homecare needed to have its own unique identity which differentiates it from the other sectors of the business.

What was the journey to design the new website like and what were the main challenges you faced?

Denise Moore:  I’ve been involved with company rebranding several times before, and it is always a much more convoluted experience than you initially think it’s going to be.  One of the main challenges is getting the right look and feel of the brand, and hence the site, – and having everyone at the associated meetings agree.  We really only began to make progress when we limited the steering to a few key individuals!

You’ve added a “cancer care” section: could you tell us a bit more about this?

ML: Cancer is extremely prevalent in our society but in our experience patients are affected by this illness in unique and individual ways.  We wanted to highlight our approach which is to support people in whatever way they need at any given time.

You’ve also added a “news” section? Why did you think this was important?

ML:  There is so much healthcare information on the internet – it can become overwhelming.  Our news section will enable us to post information, not only about our services, activities and the team, but also about relevant research, treatment and therapies.

Finally, what is the reaction you’re most hoping for regarding the new website?

DM: We hope that everyone who visits the site finds it easy to navigate, with the right amount of information presented in a user-friendly way.  We want the bright, fresh new look of the site to encourage viewers to engage with us.  We hope that our focus on quality, high standards and bespoke nursing and care packages are reflected in the various pages.

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