A Royal Cuppa at Cavendish Homecare

June 16, 2022 Charities

A Royal Cuppa at Cavendish Homecare

Cavendish Homecare has chosen to support Cruse Bereavement as their charity for 2022. Cruse helps people through the toughest moments in their lives, providing bereavement support, information and resources. The money raised last year helped  3,443 children receive grief support, 1.2 million people have access to their website and 800 people received grief assessments. Together we can help raise money to fund this vital support for more people who need it.

Our Royal Cuppa Event

In support of the ‘Royal Cuppa’ campaign by Cruse Bereavement and in celebration of the Queen and her Platinum Jubilee, we hosted our own event on Thursday 30th June.

It was a great afternoon for the staff at Cavendish Homecare to enjoy some sweet treats and gain an interesting insight into Cruse and how they support those who need it.

We were joined by Sarah Bingham, Community Fundraiser, and Event Manager, who gave a speech to staff about Cruse and the importance of days like today. We look forward to our next fundraising event for such a great charity!





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Sophie’s proficiency extends to adept copywriting, where she shares her insights through editorials and articles in prestigious luxury publications, including Mayfair Times, Abode2, and NR Times. Additionally, in partnership with our charity partner, Cruse Bereavement, Sophie played a pivotal role in coordinating and participating in numerous fundraising events dedicated to raising awareness and support.

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