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We have many years of experience providing care for those who wish to remain in their home. No one person is the same, therefore, we adapt our services to your individual needs. Take a read of some of our client experiences.

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Respite Care

“Thank you for the excellent services and a team who gave their very best”

Cavendish Homecare received an enquiry about respite care for the family of a client who had a recent fall, which led to injuring their back and making it difficult for them to mobilise around their home. Our Client’s Story… The client had been living […]

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Parkinson's Care

“We are very pleased with the nurses who have taken care of my father”

The client was already living with progressive Alzheimer and Parkinson’s disease when the serious fall was sustained at home, which resulted in the client banging their head, causing a concussion, cerebral bleed and a crushed spine. The client’s family sought skilled nursing care and […]

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Domiciliary Care

“We are so grateful to you all at Cavendish Homecare”

Following a bicycle accident, the client initially moved in with a relative to recover. Once the client was ready to transition back to independently living at home, Cavendish Homecare were contacted to support this. The client required carers to assist in re-establishing a daily […]

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Neurological Care

“It has been a pleasure to work with you and your team, and to witness the excellent, person-centred care you have provided to my family”

Cavendish Homecare was contacted by a client who was seeking a tailored approach to their care. They expressed their desire to explore potential improvements to the care they were receiving from another provider. Our Client’s Story… The client was Hemiplegic and in need of […]

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Dementia Care

“We are delighted with the care that your nurses gave when taking care of my relative”

Following a fall and a prolonged hospitalisation period, the client’s family contacted Cavendish Homecare for assistance. The client was living with a diagnosis of both  Parkinson’s disease and Dementia. Our Client’s Story… The family expressed concerns about how the client’s overall health had declined, […]

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Live-In Care

“We continue to praise the team for their dedication to duty”

The client was introduced to Cavendish Homecare by a case management team who were looking for a live-in care team. The client suffered a brain injury which was the result of a road traffic accident and had a period of rehabilitation in various institutions […]

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Post Operative Care

“The nursing services I have received at home the past month were outstanding”

Cavendish Homecare was contacted due to the client being discharged from hospital following an operation as part of their prostate treatment. Prior, the client was able to independently manage their daily needs. The care required was to provide post-operative nursing support to both the […]

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Cancer Care

“I just wanted to say that both of your nurses were absolutely brilliant – I genuinely could not have got through the last week without them”

Cavendish Homecare received an urgent telephone call from a client’s partner. The client was about to be discharged home from hospital for end of life care and they wanted to ensure the client could return home for the final chapter of their life. Our […]

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Post Operative Care

“My mother finds that your carer is extremely helpful and supportive”

Cavendish Homecare received a request from the relative of a client undergoing hip replacement surgery, seeking overnight care post-discharge. Our Client’s Story… The client, residing alone in a one-bedroom apartment, had consistently maintained an independent lifestyle. However, after their recent hip replacement surgery, it […]

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