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August 4, 2022 Live-In Care

How to find a private live-in carer in London

There are numerous reasons why around-the-clock live-in care can be transformative for your loved one. A common scenario is that an elderly mother or father has been recently widowed, leaving them living alone and potentially vulnerable. If their loved ones live too far away […]

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August 4, 2022 Homecare Services

The future of home nursing care: What might 2030 bring?

Faster diagnosis, easier ways of monitoring elderly people who struggle with mobility, faster communication when issues arise, all of these are already happening across the industry. What might the year 2030 look like for the home nursing sector? Increased need for care at home […]

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July 21, 2022 Palliative care

Palliative Care FAQs

What is Palliative care? It is specialised care for people living with serious illnesses and focuses on providing relief from the symptoms and stress of the illness. It works to improving quality of life for both the patient and their family as well as […]

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July 14, 2022 Palliative care

Advice for families considering palliative care

Palliative care is about improving a one’s quality of life which incorporates physical, emotional and spiritual care. It should also include the family, carers or anyone who is important in your loved one’s life. Create a checklist including the below: ask your loved ones […]

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July 12, 2022 Homecare Services

The benefits of homecare

What are the benefits of being cared for at home? For a long time, unless a stay in a hospital is a viable option, a care home has been considered by many to be the only safe and practical option for people with advanced […]

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June 21, 2022 Cancer Care

Cervical Cancer Awareness Week

What is cervical screening?  Cervical cancer can be prevented by attending your smear test when invited. All women aged 25 to 64 are invited to regular screenings. The test is not for cancer but can most importantly can prevent cancer. The smear test checks […]

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June 20, 2022 Charities

Cavendish Homecare Celebrates #GladToCare Week

Cavendish Professionals Homecare is delighted to announce its involvement in #GladtoCare Week 2022, a national awareness week dedicated to celebrating those who work in the care sector, which has returned for its third year. Following the great success of the inaugural #GladtoCare Awareness Week […]

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June 16, 2022 Charities

A Royal Cuppa at Cavendish Homecare

Cavendish Homecare has chosen to support Cruse Bereavement as their charity for 2022. Cruse helps people through the toughest moments in their lives, providing bereavement support, information and resources. The money raised last year helped  3,443 children receive grief support, 1.2 million people have […]

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June 14, 2022 Palliative care

Differences between Palliative Hospital Care and Home Care

What is Palliative Care? Palliative care can last for years and is a holistic approach aiming to make you feel comfortable and supported, rather than working to cure the illness. It should be tailored to your individual needs. If you are living with a […]

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