A new level of homecare

We are Cavendish Homecare, a home nursing agency offering high quality services throughout London and the South East. We pride ourselves on providing an outstanding level of private home care for you, your loved one and professionally referred patients. If you require private home care services, contact us for bespoke nursing.

Why Us?


We are most grateful for the incalculable, professional and passionate services provided by nurse Valentine and Jodie, I will always remember and be eternally grateful to Jodie.  Please put this on record so that other patients have the opportunity to be benefited by such fine nurses.


My vision for the best possible homecare

“After many years in the nursing and caring professions, I’ve made it my mission to offer a new level of homecare nursing. Designed for patients and families who want a more personalised service, my team and I work tirelessly to give exceptional care and support in a wide variety of circumstances, whether that’s at home, in hospital or elsewhere.”

Mairead Liston
Registered Nurse Manager and Founder

We will help you get the specialist homecare you need

Cavendish Homecare

Based in the heart of the city of London, Cavendish Homecare was established in 2009. Cavendish Homecare has the passion and the knowledge to deliver bespoke homecare solutions. Our team comes from all areas of the professional health care sector – from senior Registered Nurses to compassionate Family Liaison experts. We work alongside London’s most respected hospitals and clinics.

To find out more about the other services we can provide, please email us.