Private at Home Nursing Care Services in London

At Cavendish Homecare, we know that people are happiest and most comfortable when in their own home. Receiving nursing care at home enables you to receive outstanding care, reduce the risk of infection and minimise hospitalisations to take the stress out of your recovery.

Whatever your circumstances and requirements, we work directly with you and your loved ones to ensure you receive the specialised and devoted care services that you need.

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Why choose a Cavendish Homecare Private Nurse?

Choosing 1-2-1 private nursing care with Cavendish Homecare ensures you have a smooth recovery, peace of mind and have continued involvement of family and friends as you wish.  As one of the leading providers of private home nursing care in London and the UK, we take great pride in delivering superior levels of care and support to clients living with a range of medical conditions. Renowned for our clinical expertise and compassionate approach, our nurses are specialists in their field and work with you to improve your health, manage medical conditions, promote independence and enhance your wellbeing.

The key benefits:

  • Individualised care from a dedicated nurse or team of nurses, catering to your care requirements, whether for a short visit, live in care, overnight cover or 24 hour support.
  • Nursing visits (subject to location) for assessments, dressing changes, IVF injections and wound care.
  • Support with medication management/administration, enteral feeding, pain management, tracheostomy, stoma and catheter care.
  • Personalised care plans tailored to your unique needs, medical history and personal wishes.
  • Specialist nurses in various fields including: cancer care, cardiovascular conditions, later living, diabetes management, lung conditions, palliative & end of life care, post operative recovery, neurological rehabilitation, check out our full list of home care services here.
  • Accompaniment to and from medical appointments, advice and liaison with medical professionals and post surgery support.
  • Expert guidance, emotional support and continual reassurance.

Private nursing at home can be a lifeline

Cavendish Homecare’s private nurses serve as a lifeline for those looking to return home. Choosing private nursing care at home minimises the risk of infections, reduces stress and promotes your overall wellbeing with a holistic approach. Our highly skilled private nurses closely monitor your medical conditions, they can liaise with your clinicians, promptly address issues and prevent unnecessary hospital readmissions.

Hiring a private nurse

Selecting the right private nurse can be a complex undertaking, ensuring that the nurse has the right skills for your medical needs, that they align with your preferences, their availability and credentials are essential considerations when selecting the private nurse most suited to you. Our Nurse Managers will meticulously discuss your care requirements and provide indvidualised recommendations for the most suited private nurse for your needs.

Registered Private Nurses

Our commitment to delivering the highest quality care is embodied in the exceptional medical expertise and extensive experience of our registered nurses, all of whom are registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council. Ongoing training and continuing professional development ensure we are consistently at the forefront of the most effective care practices.


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Find out more about our key private nursing services

Palliative care

Private palliative care nurses at Cavendish Homecare can provide support and assistance to you and your family when facing the challenges of palliative and end-of-life care. Working in coordination with other healthcare professionals involved in your care, our approach revolves around enhancing our client’s quality of life with a meticulous focus on symptom management, pain control and empathetic consideration of their emotional and psychological needs.

Cancer care

Having a private cancer care nurse following a diagnosis or during treatment can provide expert guidance and reassurance, supporting you with medication management/administration, coping with side effects, understanding medical terminology, accompaniment to appointments and emotional support for both you and your loved ones.

Care after surgery

Whether you require accompaniment to and from surgery, overnight post-surgery assistance, nursing visits, or continuous care, our exceptionally skilled nurses and carers excel in providing post-operative care at home. Your dedicated care team will motivate and support you in regaining mobility and returning to your routine, ensuring these activities align with your stage of recovery while providing the necessary emotional support during this critical time.


Our fully qualified nurses are available to help with administering injections in your own home, saving you the time from travelling to your appointments and reducing the stress of self-administration. This ensures a professional and convenient experience, especially beneficial for those with busy schedules or living with mobility issues or chronic conditions

Dressings and wound care

With expertise in dressing changes and wound care, our private home care nurses provide attentive care for skin and wound management, for support with monitoring, promote the healing process and preventing infection. Our private nurses also provide guidance and recommendations for continued aftercare so that you can self manage.

Dementia care

We specialise in providing dementia care services in the comfort of your own home. This ensures that individuals living with dementia can benefit from the advantages of staying in their familiar surroundings with their support network. Understanding that the needs of clients will change over time as their dementia progresses, our skilled private dementia nurses can adapt to and address these changing requirements. Through close collaboration with clients and their families, our team provides peace of mind, normalcy, and calmness that is crucial for those living with dementia.

Paediatric care

Our specialist private paediatric nurses can meet a wide range of needs, from acute to chronic illnesses, working with children and their families to ensure the highest quality of life and minimising time spent away from the home at this critical time in a child’s life. Winning the ‘Excellence in Children’s Services’ award, demonstrates our dedication to delivering high-quality care for children and adolescents.

Mental health care

Private mental health nurses at Cavendish Homecare are trained to provide comprehensive care across various mental health diagnoses, focusing on holistic wellbeing and recovery. Support may include regular check-ins, assistance with medications, and ongoing care management to enhance our client’s wellbeing.

Stoma care

Our specialists in stoma nursing help our clients with their introduction to living with a stoma or their ongoing management. Our nurses provide expert advice, guidance and can assist with emptying and changing temporary or permanent stomas, reducing the risk of infections or complications.

Regulated by the CQC

Regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), we proudly hold an ‘Outstanding’ rating in care and an overall ‘Good’ rating. This report recognises our commitment to providing exceptional care while maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Private nursing at home is care from a dedicated nurse or team of nurses, specifically tailored to your unique needs, medical history and personal wishes. Our team comprises specialist nurses in various fields, including palliative & end of life care, dementia care, cancer care, post-operative recovery, lung conditions, neurological rehabilitation, cardiovascular conditions and later living.

Visiting nurses (subject to location) provide short, scheduled visits, dedicated to specific needs, such as dressing changes, injections, IV infusions, wound care and assessments. Our day or night nurses typically work a 12 hour shift based on your needs and will be available throughout this time to cater to your needs. Our live-in care services offer seamless, continuous support, the nurse lives within the client’s home, providing flexible support as you require, ideal for when you have varying or changeable care needs. Our expert nurse managers will be able to advise at enquiry stage what type of private nursing would be most suitable for your condition and needs.

Our nurses are available 24/7 whether you require a short visit, live-in care, overnight cover, or round-the-clock care. Our on call team is also available 24/7, should you need to get in touch.

Our private home nurses receive thorough training, have regular compliance checks and uphold the highest care standards to guarantee the wellbeing and comfort of our clients. They are highly qualified, clinically trained professionals dedicated to providing compassionate and attentive support. Our ‘Outstanding’ care rating from the CQC, along with our case studies, further demonstrates our commitment to delivering exceptional care to our clients.

Hiring a private nurse ensures that they receive consistent care from the same nurse or team of nurses, who have a thorough understanding of their medical history. This type of nursing care plan empowers our clients, encourages active involvement from family and friends and streamlines communication with other healthcare providers, resulting in a comprehensive nursing care plan. The dedicated nurses and Cavendish Homecare team are wholly committed to our clients recovery and helping them achieve their health and wellbeing goals.

Care in a nursing home is provided by a team of nurses, caring for a group of clients at any one time. Nursing care at home allows clients to have a personal nurse who is familiar with their needs, invested in their care and able to support their independence and recovery.

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The enquiry process - What to expect

Initial Enquiry

Initial Enquiry

The prospective client or someone acting on their behalf makes an initial enquiry. This can be via a phone call, a call back request or submitting an enquiry form via email. The enquiry is picked up by the office team who will gather the required information and then pass it through to one of our nurse managers

Call Back from Nurse Manager

Call Back from Nurse Manager

One of the experienced nurse managers will give you a call back to discuss the needs in more detail and to provide their expert recommendation on the care that may be required. They will then discuss with you, what Cavendish Homecare may be able to provide, what the cost is, and what timescale we would be able to commence your care.

Selection of Staff

Selection of Staff

Once an initial agreement is established, the nursing manager will start working with the bookings team to determine the most suitable nurse and/or carer are best matched with your needs.

Proposed Agreement

Proposed Agreement

Following the tailored care recommendation and the selection of staff. We ensure you (the client) are happy with the proposed course of action and the care is able to commence. In some cases, an assessment visit may be required and this will be undertaken by one of our nurse managers.

Active Client

Active Client

You will begin receiving outstanding homecare from our team, tailored to your needs. Your care plan will be under constant review to ensure the correct level of care is addressing your needs and being provided at all times.

The prospective client or someone acting on their behalf makes an initial enquiry. This can be via a phone call, a call back request or submitting an enquiry form via email. The enquiry is picked up by the office team who will gather the required information and then pass it through to one of our nurse managers


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Professional service

I am very grateful to Cavendish Homecare for the service they provided. I needed a registered nurse for an injection at short notice and during the weekend and this was done very swiftly. The registered nurse came the same day, and she was excellent. This level of professional service and flexibility is extremely useful and very reassuring. Thank you.

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Outstanding Care

Thank you so very much for supporting Lynne through what has been an unprecedented time. Thank you for the outstanding care you all have continued to provide despite hugely difficult times brought about by the Covid virus. The excellent training, attention to detail, organisation, communication devotion and compassion of all of your team during this time and in fact since you agreed to care for Lynne, is an absolute credit to you and our family wish to say a huge thank you to you all. The challenges of late stage MS are huge without the added difficulties of the pandemic. As you are aware without the astute nature and excellent training of your team, the recent situation that occurred for Lynne may have led to a very different outcome. I am so relieved to see Lynne back home and looking more like herself.

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“Our son's condition requires strong, ongoing support, and Cavendish Homecare reliably provides it to us."

“We have been with Cavendish since 2019 and have consistently experienced their five-star-rated services across all departments, including the care team, support and administration, management, accounts, etc. Our son’s condition requires strong, ongoing support, and Cavendish Homecare reliably provides it to us.”

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