Post Operative Care

“My mother finds that your carer is extremely helpful and supportive”

“My mother finds that your carer is extremely helpful and supportive”

Cavendish Homecare received a request from the relative of a client undergoing hip replacement surgery, seeking overnight care post-discharge.

Our Client’s Story…

The client, residing alone in a one-bedroom apartment, had consistently maintained an independent lifestyle. However, after their recent hip replacement surgery, it has become apparent that assistance would be required. The family was dissatisfied with the client’s current hospital care arrangement and wanted to find better options. They wished for a thoughtful and caring approach to make sure their loved one received meticulous care at the highest standard.

Three days post-surgery, the family expressed the desire for regular night care in the client’s home from Cavendish Homecare. Emphasising the importance of consistent care during client’s early homecoming, it was proposed to have the addition of a day carer to facilitate a smoother transition. Through close collaboration with the Cavendish Homecare nurse manager, ward manager, physiotherapist and occupational therapist, the client was seamlessly able to return home.

The Cavendish Approach…

The client’s living situation posed a challenge due to limited space and the client’s hearing difficulty, adding an additional layer of complexity, this required carers with exceptional patience and communication skills. Understanding these needs ensured clear comprehension of instructions and provided the client with a sense of robust support.

With the support of the Cavendish Homecare team, the client was able to navigate the challenges of recovery after surgery. The collaborative effort between the medical professionals and Cavendish Homecare carers resulted in the client’s successful recovery, allowing them to regain independence gradually.

The Outcome…

Cavendish Homecare’s expert nurse managers ensured good communication amongst the team, creating a person-centered approach to the client’s care. They customised strategies based on the client’s unique needs, which played a key role in organising a smooth and effective recovery plan.


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Superb care

I’d like to thank everyone for the superb care my friend has received from Carer H and also all the help from Mairead and Winnie.

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Professional service

I am very grateful to Cavendish Homecare for the service they provided. I needed a registered nurse for an injection at short notice and during the weekend and this was done very swiftly. The registered nurse came the same day, and she was excellent. This level of professional service and flexibility is extremely useful and very reassuring. Thank you.

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Really very grateful to you

Thank you, Denise. They are doing an excellent job. Really very grateful to you – very good so far.

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