Apps that empower people living with dementia

October 22, 2021 Dementia Care

Apps that empower people living with dementia

A multitude of digital apps can play a crucial role in helping patients living with health conditions, such as Dementia. Dementia is a complex disease with common symptoms including memory loss, problems with concentration and difficulty in problem solving and planning. Digital apps such as Mindmate have been designed to help improve memory, attention and other cognitive abilities with daily activities and games.

Mindmate – Help keep the mind and body fit

Mindmate is a digital app which offer a daily activities plan to help keep a person’s mind and body fit. The app was built with the Finger study in mind, which explains that the right combination of brain games, healthy nutrition and regular physical exercise, can help to delay the onset of mental impairment. Daily app content includes a 5-50 minute workout, a healthy nutritious recipe and an educational video such as the benefits of a good night’s sleep.

Timeless – Connecting patients with friends and family to remember daily events

Timeless is an easy to use app for dementia patients to remember events and stay connected with family and friends. App content includes an updates page which is a feed of photos of friends and family which are tagged by facial recognition. Facial recognition helps the person to refresh their memory and recognise friends by letting them look at photos regularly. The app also allows patients to access a contacts page and reminds them of repeated calls.

Flower Garden – Designed to stimulate the senses and memories

Different to the other two apps mentioned, Flower Garden is a sensory app where a person can enjoy socialising and connecting with other others by engaging in a physical activity such as gardening. The user has a pot of flower saplings and has to water and watch them grow, meanwhile soothing, gentle sounds are played in the background making it a relaxing experience for the person.

Greymatters – Preserving memories through visual reminiscence

Greymatters is an interactive life storybook app that aims to improve the quality of life for people living with dementia. The person living with dementia or the caregiver can upload family photos accompanied by brief text an voice narration aimed to help recognise their loved ones. The app also allows users to capture special moments through video recordings, create custom audiovisual reminders, and create custom music playlists to be enjoyed while viewing story pages.

How can Cavendish Homecare help?

At Cavendish Homecare we have a team of homecare managers, registered nurses, and carers with a wealth of experience and experts that can provide practical and emotional support and care. We understand that this is such a sensitive time, having trustworthy support can make a huge difference with learning to live with dementia.

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