Cavendish Homecare embraces “John’s Campaign” approach to care

May 28, 2021 Palliative care

Cavendish Homecare embraces “John’s Campaign” approach to care

Dementia and John’s Campaign

Dementia is incurable and terminal, yet its progression is not linear. The correct care for someone living with Dementia is crucial to avoid causing more distress than a patient may already be experiencing. John’s Campaign understands and respects that individuals are the best judges of what is essential in their own care and wellbeing. It aims to inspire carers and nurses, from all specialty areas, especially dementia care, to respect the rights and choices of everyone who needs care.

John’s Campaign is named after and honours the late Dr. John Gerrard. John was denied the access to friendly familiar care that he deserved in 2014. Admitted to hospital diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at a time when there was a viral outbreak, John was disconnected from the reality outside of his illness when he returned home.

Their message is simple: no one should enforce disconnection between family carers and those who need their expert knowledge and their love.

In the wake of his death, John’s daughter, Nicci Gerrard, cofounded John’s Campaign with Julia Jones, whose mother, June, also lived well with dementia (both Alzheimer’s and vascular) for many years before her death in 2018.

John’s heart-breaking story is more relatable than ever with Covid-19 affecting so many lives in the past year. Every patient needs someone they know or love to be alongside them.

At Cavendish Homecare we are not only inspired, but we are adapting the Johns campaign approach into our care systems. Our nurses and carers all understand the level of care that is required for all patients and their families. We are in an age where all levels of care should have the same approach as John’s Campaign towards dementia.

John’s Campaign tries to give people a voice – to share information, experiences or enthusiasm. Nursing Manager, Maggie Candy recently published an article on the Johns Campaign’s website, which you can read here. Maggie explains that all families should have a positive experience provided by friendly compassionate staff when it comes to all stages of care. Maggie understands that it is hugely impactful when staff is fully engaged with the family’s needs and desires for their loved one’s care as a nursing consultant at Cavendish homecare.

At Cavendish Homecare we have a team of Homecare Managers, Registered Nurses, and carers with a wealth of experience and experts that can provide practical and emotional support and care. We understand that this is such a sensitive time, having trustworthy support can make a huge difference with learning to live with dementia.

Read more about our Dementia Care services here.

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