Cavendish Homecare partners with Physical Edge

February 12, 2024 Affiliations, Post-Hospital Care

Cavendish Homecare partners with Physical Edge

Cavendish Homecare proudly announces its partnership with Physical Edge, a collaboration aimed at providing a unified approach to clients healing journeys, ensuring comprehensive care from start to finish.

About Physical Edge

Physical Edge specialises in personalised pre/post-operative and rehabilitation support, offering clients access to a team of elite wellness professionals skilled in addressing a range of conditions.

Their comprehensive prehabilitation program prepares clients for surgery through physiotherapy, nutrition guidance, psychological support, and assessments for potential post-surgery home or workplace modifications.

Post-surgery, Physical Edge prioritises a safe and seamless recovery, working in tandem with clients and healthcare professionals to devise a customised care plan.

Exclusive treatment location in South Kensington, alongside a new facility that launched in Mayfair on February 1st, offer expert reassurance on your doorstep.

Comprehensive Care for Your Path to Wellness

In partnership with Physical Edge, Cavendish Homecare ensures a smooth transition from surgery to recovery in the comfort of the client’s home. The compassionate team at Cavendish Homecare works closely with clients to create a personalised care plan aligned with their medical history, preferences, and aspirations, whether they require temporary assistance or ongoing support. Cavendish Homecare and Physical Edge are committed to getting client’s back to their pre-surgery lifestyle as quickly as possible.

Advantages of Our Tailored Service

  • Access to a round-the-clock team of experts providing dedicated care tailored to specific needs and concerns.
  • A worry-free and serene surgical experience with expert planning, alleviating any feelings of unease or anxiety clients may have during their journey.
  • Facilitation of a swift and efficient recovery process, expediting clients’ return to their routine and well-being.
  • Custom-tailored support designed to address exclusive requirements.

Embark on your journey to enhanced health and well-being with Cavendish Homecare and Physical Edge. Experience the seamless support and expert guidance our partnership offers. Learn more about our tailored services today.


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