Colour-changing bandage

January 16, 2024 New Research, Post-Hospital Care

Colour-changing bandage

Antibiotic resistance threatens the lives of millions of people around the world. Antibiotic resistance leads to higher medical costs, longer hospital stays and increased deaths. Because we are constantly exposed to bacteria that can be harmful to our health. People who have undergone medical procedures or have a weakened immune system are often more vulnerable to being infected by bacteria that cause infections. The misuse and overuse of antibiotics as well as poor infection prevention and control accelerates antibiotic resistance.

Colour changing bandages

The colour-changing bandage can detect whether the bacteria are treatable with antibiotics or whether it is a strain of an already drug-resistant bacteria. The colour-changing bandage releases an antibiotic if the bacterial infection is non-resistant to antibiotics. Therefore, killing the bacteria. If the bacteria proves to be antibiotic-resistant, the bandage releases antibiotics where researchers shine a light on the wound. This process is known as photo dynamic therapy. It uses a drug called photosensitive. The photosensitive and wavelength of light are used to produce a form of oxygen. The oxygen weakens the bacteria and makes it more susceptible to antibiotic treatment.

Using dressings that can detect the infection at the source are found to be low-cost and easily operated. They also reduce the risk of delays when detecting a bacterial infection. And this will reduce the likelihood of patients having high medical costs, longer hospital stays and will also decrease deaths.

Post operative care

Wound management care is essential at the post-operative stage. Post-operative care is the management of pain and wounds after you have undergone surgery. This care begins as soon as you’ve had surgery and it lasts the duration of your hospital stay. Likewise, continuing after your discharge.

The main goal of post-operative care is to prevent complications such as infection, to promote healing of the surgical incision and to return the patient to good health.

Expert care at Cavendish Homecare

At Cavendish Homecare, we provide support and assistance in both wound and post-operative care. By using the clinical skills and experience of our Registered Nurses and Carers throughout London, the home counties and nationwide. They know what to look for and how to minimise infection. We believe in a person-centred approach, meaning we go the extra mile to ensure your post-operative care is tailored to you.

Our unique post-operative nursing and homecare services allow you to return home with confidence. Knowing that our registered nurses and carers are most qualified to meet all your post-operative needs.

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