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September 27, 2022 Post-Hospital Care

Recovering from surgery at home

Understanding your Operation: All operations and surgeries are different and affect different people in various ways. Your health beforehand will also impact how well or quickly you recover. Before your surgery, you will receive information about the procedure, from how long it is likely […]

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September 12, 2022 Holiday Care Support

Holidays for elderly parents

Whichever destination you choose, be sure to plan ahead. Ensure that all excursions and attractions are suitable, particularly if your elderly parents have mobility issues. Accessible tourism is bigger and better than it ever used to be, so with a little research and foresight […]

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September 9, 2022 Parkinsons Care

Home care plan for the 5 stages of parkinson’s disease

If you have any questions or wish to speak to one of our friendly team, don’t hesitate to get in touch or visit our help centre for more articles on home nursing, dementia care and more. What is Parkinson’s? Parkinson’s disease is a progressive […]

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August 31, 2022 Respite Care

Why is Respite Care Important?

What Is Respite care? Respite Care is designed to provide relief for families or others who undertake the care of a family member or friend. Furthermore, it can be a useful break for anyone receiving care. Sometimes it can be given in emergencies, whilst […]

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August 25, 2022 Private Nursing

What is Private Nursing?

Private care helps to maintain a patient’s ability to remain in their home whilst living as comfortably as possible. Having a private nurse in the home guarantees that all your clinical needs will be taken care of without the need for moving into a […]

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August 23, 2022 Domiciliary Care

What is Domiciliary Care?

Domiciliary care can include assisting patients that have undergone surgery and may require additional support whilst they get back on their feet, and rehabilitation – those with a long-term illness that may need assistance. It can also include personal care support to individuals requiring […]

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August 19, 2022 Dementia Care

Innovative products that support people living with dementia

Despite the diagnosis, people living with dementia should be about to live well and supported from diagnosis to the advanced stages. As strides are made in the technological world, more products are being designed to help those living with dementia to make their lives […]

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August 12, 2022 Paediatric Care

Assisted Living for Children and Young Adults

What is assisted living for children and young adults? Supported living for young adults refers to the care younger people receive, involving all aspects of their personal and professional development. Although this might not be an easy decision, it provides children and young adults […]

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August 4, 2022 Live-In Care

How to find a private live-in carer in London

There are numerous reasons why around-the-clock live-in care can be transformative for your loved one. A common scenario is that an elderly mother or father has been recently widowed, leaving them living alone and potentially vulnerable. If their loved ones live too far away […]

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