Parkinson’s Awareness Week

April 11, 2023 Parkinsons Care

Parkinson’s Awareness Week

Parkinson’s Awareness Week is a week in which people come together to raise awareness about Parkinson’s.

While there is currently no cure for Parkinson’s, Parkinson’s Awareness Week is an opportunity to raise awareness of people living with the condition. Parkinson’s is the fastest growing neurological condition in the world, affecting everyone differently. Each person living with the condition will have their own set of symptoms and will deal with them in different ways.

How to get involved:

This year, we are celebrating those moments of laughter and light.

Light up Blue

  • Shine a light on Parkinson’s by lighting up blue, whether it is a village hall or your front room. Parkinson’s UK have set up a map of all the buildings, monuments and landmarks that are lighting up blue on 11 April 2023. If you know of a building on the that is lighting up but is not on the map, you are able to reach out to them to add it in.
  • Wear blue. Whether it is a blue outfit or nails, turn something blue in your own way.


If you have been touched by Parkinson’s, shine a light by writing a poem, telling the world how Parkinson’s has affected you or someone you are about. The poem can take any form. It is your story, tell it your way, just in no more than 5 lines. You could write about:

  • receiving the diagnosis
  • everyday living with Parkinson’s
  • the symptoms and challenges you face
  • your hopes and fears for the future

When you have the poem, share it through:

  • social media and use the hashtag #WorldParkinsonsDay and tag @ParkinsonsUK
  • read, email or post the poem to your family and friends
  • share your poem with Parkinson’s UK by submitting it or posting it on their forum
  • upload a recording of yourself reading your poem to BBC radio stations where the broadcaster will select their favourite ones for their weekly listener-generated programme
  • print your poem on one of Parkinson’s UK’s template and put it in your window

How can we help?

A Parkinson’s Disease diagnosis can be difficult for both the patient and their family. At Cavendish Homecare, we are experts in providing home care for anyone who wishes to remain in their own homes while they receive treatment, recover from surgery, or manage medications. We work to support the patient and their family with private care to reduce pain, improve comfort and quality of life.