What is project ECHO

November 5, 2021 Dementia Care

What is project ECHO

What is Project ECHO?

Project ECHO is a distance learning methodology that breaks down hierarchies of specialist knowledge by creating virtual knowledge-sharing networks. The project uses a ‘learning loop’ approach; specialist teams and local providers learn from each other by collaboratively problem-solving real-time experiences and sharing best practices via videoconferencing. ECHO aims to enhance decision-making and transform service delivery.

Project ECHO

The ECHO Model’s Four Key Principles

  • Using technology to leverage scarce resources

Video conferencing technology, such as Zoom is used. Therefore, enabling busy professionals to share learning and best practice across rural, hard-to-reach areas without the need to travel.

  • Sharing best practices to reduce the disparity

Discussions held within ECHO meetings are well-informed and adhere to standards of practice. Consequently ensuring that a joined-up, standardised approach is taken across all settings.

  • Case-based learning to master complexity

ECHO acknowledges that no one case is the same. Therefore, by using real-life cases, discussion facilitates learning which goes beyond textbook examples.

  • Web-based database to monitor outcomes

Data is stored and analysed using the unique database, iECHO. Allowing for organisations to complete a thorough evaluation of how their project is transforming service deliver

ECHO at Cavendish Homecare

At Cavendish Homecare we are constantly exploring new initiatives to enhance our best practice. Nursing Consultant, Maggie Candy presented to our team and special guests during a virtual clinical meeting in which they discussed the importance of the ECHO project.

The ECHO project was supplemented by other useful initiatives, such as the Lantern Model Project. During these virtual sessions, the team discussed how we could enhance our best practice by implementing the project’s key principles into the daily care of our clients.

This professional network is supported by both Hospice UK and Dementia UK and its purpose is to share best practices and outcomes within cancer settings.

Cavendish Homecare Nurses have piloted this contemporary model of care and are keen to promote this innovative approach to person-centered care.


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