The role of a nurse in post-operative care

January 28, 2021 Post-Hospital Care

The role of a nurse in post-operative care

Nurses play a crucial role before, during and after surgery. Once the procedure is over, it’s usually the surgical nurses, who ensure that the patient is stable and prepare the room for the next team. After the patient is transferred to the recovery room, nurses care for them until they released from the hospital. Cavendish Homecare provide post-operative care utilising the clinical skills and experience of registered Nurses and Carers to help you recover safely in the comfort of your own home. Meaning the exceptional care of your loved one does not stop as they leave the hospital, ensuring a safe recovery.

Why is post-operative care important?

Post-operative care is very important to reduce the risk of infection and surgery-related complications such as bleeding or respiratory issues. This care includes two major parts medical care and assistance of daily living that our professionally trained nurses and carer can assist with.

What does the role involve?

Post-operative care needs to continue in a structured manner once the patient is back home. Depending upon the technicality of care to be administered, nurses and carers at home play a very crucial role in the post-surgery recovery phase.

Some of their roles can include:

  • Ensuring you take all medication needed and reordering if required
  • Checking your vitals
  • Working any medical equipment and sorting it out if there are any problems
  • Liaising with doctors, family members and friends
  • Assisting walks around the local area
  • Personal care and hygiene
  • Redressing and cleaning wounds

Post-operative care at home is an alternative to a long hospital stay or a rehabilitation clinic, it allows your loved one to recover in the luxury and comfort of their own home. It allows family and friends to visit and assist without the restrictions of hospital visiting hours. With the care and assistance of a nurse or carer, you can progress in your own time whilst the security of a professionally trained nurse or carer.

Are you looking for a nurse or carer to support you in post-operative care?

Our mission is to deliver high-quality care for your loved one. We pride ourselves in providing superior services and have a vast portfolio of dedicated professional registered nurses and carers with a wealth of expertise ready to meet your care needs.

Our post-operative care service includes:

  • Support from hospital to home
  • Clinical expertise at hand
  • Pain management
  • Rehabilitation advice
  • Guidance for full recovery
  • Assistance with medication administration

Please call our Homecare team on 0203 008 5210 or email us to see how we can assist you.