Live-In Care

“Mum’s live-in Carers from Cavendish Homecare were the ‘dream team’.”

After her husband passed away, 87-year-old Mrs. K was left living alone. Suffering from mild depression and memory loss, and requiring daily medication, her children were concerned about her wellbeing. After discussing care solutions with her GP, they got in touch with us.

During our initial consultation, they highlighted that Mrs. K was reluctant to have outside help, so we knew a gentle approach and specific type of Carer were needed.

Our Carers did everything from arranging appointments and entertainment, to doing her shopping and cooking. As well as stabilising Mrs. K’s overall health and improving her standard of living, it also meant she was able to enjoy more quality time with her family.

Before she passed away, Cavendish Homecare had provided Mrs. K and her family with the very best care and support for more than four years. Her family told us:

“Mum’s Carers at Cavendish Homecare were the ‘dream team’.”