Disaster Recovery Policy

Cavendish Homecare recognise that Disaster Recovery Management helps manage the risks to the smooth running of an organisation or delivery of a service.   We need to ensure that the business and the services it delivers can continue in the event of a disruption.

The source of the disruption may be internal, such as loss of key staff or a technological systems failure, or it might be an external influence such as a weather-related or a utility-related incident or alternatively the business failure of one of our key suppliers.

To this end the Director has produced and implemented Disaster Recovery Procedures, to provide a framework for improving the company’s resilience to interruption.  This will enable key business systems and processes to be recovered while at the same time ensuring we can provide to our clients business critical functions and services.

The Procedures take the form of guidance and instructions to managers and staff.  It establishes the process and principles of Disaster Recovery Management, providing a basis for understanding, developing and implementing business continuity within the company thereby providing client confidence.

Compliance with the Procedure will ensure:

➢ The clear and immediate identification of the company’s lead representative during an emergency.

➢ The availability of a response, which is pre-planned, prepared and effective, with responsible staff designated on and off-site.

➢ The implementation and management of accident/incident investigations.

➢ Liaison with the emergency services and other responding organisations to ensure a comprehensive, structured and effective response.

➢ The process of initiation, command and control, investigation, recovery, repair, public awareness, and conclusion.

➢ We are prepared by having alternative arrangements in place.

Whilst  all our work is essential to our company’s objectives, if a disruption does affect Cavendish Homecare we will need to prioritise the order in which we recover our services and use our resources appropriately in order to continue to deliver our service to our clients.

Date:  February 2024 (DM)

Version:  1 (Implementation)

Implementation: November 2022

Source: Patrick Liston – Director