Disconnecting Home Parenteral Nutrition HPN Infusion and Flushing the Line Procedure


Cavendish Homecare Professionals’ aim is to ensure that where a client requires an HPN infusion as part of their care and treatment, suitably trained care staff will be deployed to support them as required and provide high quality care that conforms to best practice.

Equipment required:

  1. Detergent wipes
  2. Sterile dressing towels x 2
  3. Sterile gloves
  4. Sanicloths Alcohol 2% Chlorohexidine wipes x 3
  5. 10mls of 0.9% sodium chloride
  6. 10mls syringe and needle for drawing up
  7. Alcohol hand gel


  1. Switch off the pump, close the clamp on the giving set and clamp the line
  2. Social handwash with liquid soap.
  3. Collect the equipment needed and clean the assigned surface with a detergent wipe and dry with a paper towel. Wipe the surface again with a sanicloth wipe and allow to dry.
  4. Perform a 6 stage handwash with liquid soap.
  5. Open the sterile towel and unfold touching the edges only and place on the surface to create a sterile field.
  6. Check the contents of the sodium chloride and clean the vile with an alcohol wipe before placing on the sterile field. Open the syringe and needle and place on the surface.
  7. Open the sterile gloves and place on the surface away from the sodium chloride.
  8. Open the second dressing towel and place under the client’s line.
  9. Open a new sanicloth and wipe the clamp, and the area where the giving set was attached to the needle free connector. (Bionector)
  10. Apply alcohol gel to hands and allow to dry before putting on sterile gloves.
  11. Attach the syringe to the bionector and unclamp the line, and flush with a “push-pause” motion until the last ml and then clamp the line while flushing the last ml. This is a positive pressure flush which allows the solution to scrub/clean the inside of the device wall to promote removal of blood/fibrin and to help build up of medication precipitate on the internal lumen of the device.
  12. Remove gloves and wash hands and clear area.
  13. Place the pump to charge.



Date: January 2024

Version: 5 (Review)

Source:  ECM