Cancer Care

“I just wanted to say that both of your nurses were absolutely brilliant – I genuinely could not have got through the last week without them”

“I just wanted to say that both of your nurses were absolutely brilliant – I genuinely could not have got through the last week without them”

Cavendish Homecare received an urgent telephone call from a client’s partner. The client was about to be discharged home from hospital for end of life care and they wanted to ensure the client could return home for the final chapter of their life.

Our Client’s Story…

The client was discharged from the hospital after dealing with endometrial and colon cancer in its final stage. As this was in the advanced stages, continuous pain management was essential, and the healthcare team decided to administer the prescribed medication using a syringe driver to ensure a controlled and steady infusion throughout the day.

Initially, the hospital arranged a nurse, happy with this level of care, the client did not require any additional support, around a month later, the NHS nurse, with the client’s permission, contacted Cavendish Homecare to supply cover for her holiday. The enquiry was for continuous nursing care 24 hours a day for a month.

The Cavendish Homecare nursing team diligently oversaw the management of the client’s pain medication, ensuring not only its timely administration but also focusing on the comfort of the client. This encompassed regular repositioning, a crucial aspect of the care technique aimed at promoting the client’s overall well-being and comfort. The nurses adopted an approach centered on symptom management, placing a primary emphasis on alleviating instances of shortness of breath and respiratory distress.

The Cavendish Approach…

The team of two highly experienced nurses delivered 24-hour care by alternating between day and night shifts. They recognised the importance of customising interventions to not only address physical symptoms but also to honor the client’s and their loved one’s emotional and spiritual well-being. Furthermore, they collaborated seamlessly with palliative hospital nurses and doctors regarding the provision of care and the management of any arising issues.

The Outcome…

In dealing with advanced stages cancer, Cavendish Homecare stood out for providing steadfast and compassionate care to the client and their family. The smooth teamwork among the nurses and hospital staff highlighted the success of working together for the best healthcare outcomes.


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Nurse M is just fantastic

Nurse M is just fantastic – we are so pleased to have her and she is looking after my mum with such great care.

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One in a million

“Thank you very much for organising the amazing care. Please pass on our thanks especially to Nurse M who is literally one in a million, she is a very special person.”

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Such a high level of care

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the love and care you showed my father over his final few weeks. It was extremely comforting to know Frank could be at home and receive such a high level of care. I know he felt extremely at ease with you both, something that made his final few days much easier. Again, thank you and please keep well. Our whole family extremely appreciate you.

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