Mental Health

“Cavendish Nurses are providing me with hope”

“Cavendish Nurses are providing me with hope”

Our client’s story

Mr T, a 38-year-old man, approached Cavendish Homecare, referred by his GP, after being let down by a handful of registered mental health nurses. Mr T suffers with anxiety and therefore, needs the support of a mental heath nurse during times when his anxiety is at its peak. Cavendish Homecare was able to provide a registered mental health nurse to assist Mr T.

He thanked Cavendish Homecare by saying, “I much prefer the approach of Cavendish Nurses in comparison to others who have worked with me in the past. Cavendish Nurses and Mairead are also providing me with a lot of hope.


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We loved every Registered Nurse

We loved every Registered Nurse sent to help look after my mother. I will be in touch again should we need further assistance in future.

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Thank you

Thank you to all of your team members for the wonderful support that we have received over the last couple of years.

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I looked forward to seeing the Registered Nurses everyday and felt safe enough to take the weight of all my medical stuff so that I could use my energy to do things made me feel like me. That’s been a priceless gift and I really am so, so grateful.

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