Respite Care

“I feel much better knowing Cavendish Homecare are around to help”

“I feel much better knowing Cavendish Homecare are around to help”

Our client’s story

Mrs C, an 83-year-old capable woman, accidently fell in her own home. Having used Cavendish Homecare’s services previously, she immediately called the 24-hour on call contact number. Within an hour of contacting the team, a Registered Nurse has arrived at her home and arranged for her to be taken to the hospital. At the hospital, Mrs C was informed she had a hairline pelvic fracture. Mrs C was left understandably nervous as she had no family nearby, therefore, a Cavendish Homecare Nurse stayed with her in the hospital waiting room until she was admitted. After Mrs C’s admission, it was arranged that a carer would visit her in hospital daily to ensure she was kept comfortable.

Mrs C was then declared fit to be discharged, her discharge was accelerated by the Cavendish Homecare team as they carried out a Home Risk Assessment and created a Care Plan which included arranging equipment from various suppliers while Mrs C’s NHS order was being approved. Cavendish Homecare continued to work with Mrs C’s Physiotherapist, GP and other experts as Mrs C’s care continued.

Mrs C thanked Cavendish Homecare by saying, “I feel much better knowing Cavendish Homecare are around to help.”


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Our beloved mum is in safe hands

Thank you so much for arranging for Arrah to come tonight. She is a such a lovely kind, friendly and totally professional nurse. My sister and I will sleep well tonight knowing our beloved mum is in her safe hands.

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Your Registered Nurses cared so well for Mum

Your Registered Nurses cared so well for Mum. Small things such as brushing her hair regularly, massaging her feet, hands and head, talking to her and taking her non-verbal cues into account.

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Admiration for the nurses

I have nothing but admiration for the nurses you have provided us, and please pass on mine and the family’s thanks. It provided us with a break whilst knowing that mum was taken care of.

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