Neurological Care

“It has been a pleasure to work with you and your team, and to witness the excellent, person-centred care you have provided to my family”

“It has been a pleasure to work with you and your team, and to witness the excellent, person-centred care you have provided to my family”

Cavendish Homecare was contacted by a client who was seeking a tailored approach to their care. They expressed their desire to explore potential improvements to the care they were receiving from another provider.

Our Client’s Story…

The client was Hemiplegic and in need of one-to-one assistance for bed mobility. They suffered from impaired cognition and distractibility, resulting in reduced concentration which made it difficult for them to progress.

The client also was at a high risk of falls, due to left-sided weakness and reduced postural control. The NHS had identified that the client required 24-hour care and supervision from a carer. A specially trained carer was required due to the client’s brain injury and related challenges.

The Cavendish Approach…

Two experienced carers from Cavendish Homecare, who were trained in working with clients living with brain injuries, provided care for the client. They worked 12-hour shifts, both day and night. Their support included assisting the client with activities of daily living, such as medication reminders, personal care, continence support, skin care, meal preparation and household tasks.

Bespoke care supplied by Cavendish Homecare included supporting client to their local gymnasium to follow a workout program designed by their Physiotherapist and to a rehabilitation day centre supporting people with brain injury.

After careful preparation between the Cavendish Homecare team and the healthcare professionals involved in the client’s care, a holiday abroad in their home country was arranged for the client, where they spent time with their family with a carer provided by Cavendish Homecare supporting them throughout their time away. This proved to be a thrilling experience for the client and their loved ones.

The Outcome…

Cavendish Homecare’s individualised holistic approach resulted in an considerable overall improvement in the client’s well-being and quality of life. The new care plan incorporated high standards of daily living, assistance with hobbies and social activities, and supported best practice outcomes. Cavendish Homecare targeted the client’s unique needs and exceeded their initial expectations. This was accomplished by a close collaboration with the entire team of healthcare professionals involved in the client’s complex care.


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We can't thank you enough

I just want to thank you both again for arranging continuous 24hr cover on such short notice and in such a trying time where resources are so strained. Without you, my mum would have likely spent additional weeks in hospital, denying her what she truly wanted – which was to die peacefully at home with her family. You and the nursing staff facilitated this, and we can’t thank you enough.

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A Godsend during a medical emergency

The team at Cavendish was a Godsend during a medical emergency with my mother. They were always at the end of the phone willing to talk through options and advise us on a situation that was alien to us. The carers that came were amazing and I will forever be grateful. I would 100% recommend and use you again without hesitation.

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Outstanding Care

Thank you so very much for supporting Lynne through what has been an unprecedented time. Thank you for the outstanding care you all have continued to provide despite hugely difficult times brought about by the Covid virus. The excellent training, attention to detail, organisation, communication devotion and compassion of all of your team during this time and in fact since you agreed to care for Lynne, is an absolute credit to you and our family wish to say a huge thank you to you all. The challenges of late stage MS are huge without the added difficulties of the pandemic. As you are aware without the astute nature and excellent training of your team, the recent situation that occurred for Lynne may have led to a very different outcome. I am so relieved to see Lynne back home and looking more like herself.

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