Live-In Care

“We continue to praise the team for their dedication to duty”

“We continue to praise the team for their dedication to duty”

The client was introduced to Cavendish Homecare by a case management team who were looking for a live-in care team. The client suffered a brain injury which was the result of a road traffic accident and had a period of rehabilitation in various institutions before being discharged.

Our Client’s Story…

The client could mobilise indoors, walk short distances, and navigate independently. However, when travelling long distances, the client would opt for a taxi or the electric wheelchair to avoid fatigue. While the client could operate the electric wheelchair independently, supervision was required for safe manoeuvring.

Additionally, the client experienced cognitive limitations requiring structured conversations and simplified resources to comprehend complex information. The client could prepare basic, familiar meals with guidance and manage showering with minimal assistance. However, the client experienced behavioural challenges including frustrations regarding finances or family situations. At times, this led to refusals to participate in therapy activities.

Cavendish Homecare put together a team that was able to understand the client’s needs, to judge when to offer encouragement to the client and when to step back in when the client would lean towards making potentially unwise decisions.

The Cavendish Approach…

To ensure the client’s safety and well-being, a team of two live-in carers was implemented. This provided consistent support, preventing burnout, and always ensuring cover. The carers meticulously managed medication adherence and collected monthly medication supplies from the local Pharmacy. The carers also monitored the client’s overall health and made any relevant referrals to the GP and the client’s case manager. The team encouraged the client to reduce alcohol intake to reduce risks to the client’s health. Additionally, they took an active role in managing appointments, vital signs, household expenses, cleaning, ironing, and light housework.

Beyond daily tasks, the carers played a crucial role in promoting the client’s independence. They supervised safe ambulation with the walker, assisted with meal preparation (offering help with challenging tasks like cutting meat), and ensured all nutritional needs were met. They also encouraged healthy living by accompanying the client on walks and promoting social engagement through outings to shops and church.
Effective communication was central to this successful care plan. The carers maintained regular communication with other medical teams, keeping the Nurse Manager informed of any updates from the multidisciplinary team (MDT).

The Outcome…

Cavendish Homecare successfully addressed the client’s needs following a brain injury. The implemented team of live-in carers provided comprehensive support, ensuring medication adherence, health monitoring, and assistance with daily living activities autonomy resulted in a positive outcome.


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An absolute blessing for us all

“Mary is lovely to have in the house and a great help so thank you for sending her our way. An absolute blessing for us all and mum in particular.”

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“I am deeply grateful for this professional team, and I rest easy at night knowing that my sister is safe and well-cared for.”

“Cavendish Homecare has been providing excellent support for my sister since 2019, navigating through a global pandemic and the resulting lockdown. The company has consistently delivered exemplary care, going above and beyond to ensure my sister’s physical, emotional, and social needs are met with kindness and compassion. Each staff member is well-trained, demonstrating great skill in handling the complex care required for a late-stage Multiple Sclerosis client, and they collaborate effectively as a team. I am deeply grateful for this professional team, and I rest easy at night knowing that my sister is safe and well-cared for.”

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Exactly who my parents need for their care needs

“Lea is exactly as your described – very gentle, patient, understanding, professional and extremely competent and knowledgeable. Lea is just exactly who my parents need for their care needs in their elder years. In my opinion, Lea is settling into the role very well and quickly”

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