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“Mum’s live-in Carers were the ‘dream team’”

“Mum’s live-in Carers were the ‘dream team’”

Our client’s story

Mrs K, 87 years old, who has lived alone since the passing of her husband was suffering from mild depression and memory loss. Due to her diagnosis, Mrs K required daily medication and her children were concerned about her wellbeing. After Mrs K’s children had discussed care solutions with her GP, they got in touch with Cavendish Homecare. Cavendish Homecare conducted an initial consultation in which it was highlighted that Mrs K was reluctant to receive outside help therefore, Cavendish Homecare concluded that a gentle approach and specific type of Carer were needed in order to ensure Mrs K was comfortable with the care arrangement at all times.

The Cavendish carers carried out all essential tasks such as arranging appointment and entertainment, doing Mrs K’s shopping and cooking as well as stabilising Mrs K. Mrs K’s overall health and standard of living greatly improved which therefore meant she was able to enjoy more quality time with her family.

Before Mrs K passed away, Cavendish Homecare has provided Mrs K and her family with the very best care and support for more than four years. Mrs K’s family expressed their gratitude by saying, “Mum’s live-in Carers from Cavendish Homecare were the ‘dream team’.


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Two wonderful and talented carers

I wish to emphasize that my parents are being looked after extremely well in a very happy environment by your two wonderful and talented carers, Lucy & Lea.

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An absolute blessing for us all

“Mary is lovely to have in the house and a great help so thank you for sending her our way. An absolute blessing for us all and mum in particular.”

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It has exceeded my expectations

“I would just like to say how impressed and extremely pleased I am with Cavendish Homecare. From the first contact with Mairead just 8 days ago to a detailed conversation with Denise 2 days later leading to Lea commencing her full time live-in role looking after my parents last Thursday, it has exceeded my expectations.”

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