Palliative Care

“I feel confident and safe in the care of Cavendish Homecare. They are patient and very understanding with me, helping to keep anxiety and stress levels as low”

“I feel confident and safe in the care of Cavendish Homecare. They are patient and very understanding with me, helping to keep anxiety and stress levels as low”

The client faced the challenges of progressing motor neuron disease (MND), which led to diminished mobility and increased breathlessness. After contracting COVID-19, the client’s condition deteriorated, resulting in their admission to the hospital and subsequent transfer to the intensive care unit (ICU). The client’s family reached out to Cavendish Homecare with the aim of arranging palliative homecare, enabling the client to return to their familiar surroundings.

Our Client’s Story…

Upon initial contact from the client’s family, the focus was on exploring palliative homecare while the hospital was in the process of coordinating the care package. Subsequently, the client was admitted to a hospice; however, with an improvement in their condition, a strong desire arose to return home and be closer to friends and family. While the NHS addressed their daytime care needs through four short daily visits, the family expressed concerns about covering the overnight care requirements.

Central to the client’s care was their reduced mobility, which had led to the development of a pressure sore, requiring diligent management to prevent further deterioration and skin damage.

The Cavendish Approach…

The family decided to enlist both day and night carers to ensure the client and their family could have peace of mind. The Cavendish Homecare carers possessed medical expertise, enabling them to address the client’s acute care needs effectively.

To facilitate the healing of the pressure sore, the Cavendish Homecare team arranged a hospital bed, a suitable mattress, and sliding sheets. These measures were crucial for adhering to best practices when caring for someone with limited mobility. Following guidance from the district nursing team, the carers maintained the pressure sore in a dry and clean condition and implemented a repositioning routine to prevent further skin breakdown. They also encouraged the client to mobilise between their chair and bed, promoting independence and a change of environment.

In addition to their physical care duties, the carers provided invaluable emotional support to the client, particularly during this challenging phase, where the client grappled with chronic back pain. The carers’ patience, empathy, and encouragement played a pivotal role in addressing the client’s emotional needs and overall well-being.

The Outcome…

With the successful execution of the care plan, coordination between multidisciplinary team members (MDT), the Cavendish Homecare team’s dedication and training, the client’s family felt confident enough to take over the care package and support the client independently. This stands as a testament to the effectiveness, encouragement, and support provided by Cavendish Homecare, allowing the client to remain at home and the family to confidently continue caring for them.


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Two wonderful and talented carers

I wish to emphasize that my parents are being looked after extremely well in a very happy environment by your two wonderful and talented carers, Lucy & Lea.

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Superb care

I’d like to thank everyone for the superb care my friend has received from Carer H and also all the help from Mairead and Winnie.

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Professional service

I am very grateful to Cavendish Homecare for the service they provided. I needed a registered nurse for an injection at short notice and during the weekend and this was done very swiftly. The registered nurse came the same day, and she was excellent. This level of professional service and flexibility is extremely useful and very reassuring. Thank you.

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