Post Operative Care

“The nursing services I have received at home the past month were outstanding”

“The nursing services I have received at home the past month were outstanding”

Cavendish Homecare was contacted due to the client being discharged from hospital following an operation as part of their prostate treatment. Prior, the client was able to independently manage their daily needs. The care required was to provide post-operative nursing support to both the client and their family.

Our Client’s Story…

The client, who previously managed daily needs independently, now required specialised care due to the dressing on the lower abdomen area and the presence of both urethral and suprapubic catheters. The focus was to manage these new care needs to ensure a smooth recovery, wound healing, and reduce potential complications and infections.

The Cavendish Approach…

The client underwent frequent vital signs observations, medication management of Paracetamol and Enocaparine when required. Although the client was mainly pain-free, they experienced discomfort on the left side of the groin, attributed to limited movement during recovery, this was managed through the nurse’s encouragement of gentle and frequent exercise. The client benefited from post-operative recovery in the home as the involvement of the family can provide a positive rehabilitation environment.

The nurse monitored the catheter to ensure it was draining well, and ensured the client was comfortable. Regular visits from the surgeon and nightly rest contributed to a positive recovery. In time, the client felt confident returning to their daily activities, no longer requiring nursing care and regaining their independence.

The Outcome…

Cavendish Homecare’s nurses played a crucial role in facilitating the client’s recovery following their operation. Through consistent observation and gentle encouragement of movement, the client effectively progressed from the initial discomfort to a noticeably enhanced state of well-being. The robust support system provided by the client’s family, coupled with regular visits from the surgeon and comprehensive nursing care, contributed to a positive outcome.