Stroke Care

“We are very grateful to you both for the supervision you have given and the time taken to put together such a well-suited team”

“We are very grateful to you both for the supervision you have given and the time taken to put together such a well-suited team”

Our Client’s Story…

The client was first introduced to Cavendish Homecare by a case management team as the client was ready to be discharged following a stroke. The client was first admitted to A&E, followed by 10 weeks in the acute stroke unit. The client was then transferred to a rehabilitation unit where intense multidisciplinary input was delivered for 4 weeks. Many stroke clients long to get back to their own homes following the completion of in-patient rehabilitation programs. This has the additional benefit of the social and psychological interaction with caregivers, family and friends.

The client suffered a stroke that left them with a range of challenges including poor vision in one eye, difficulty in communication, immobility, and double incontinence. As a result, the client required a comprehensive care package upon discharge from the rehabilitation center. In discussion with our Nurse Manager, Esnart Namakando, the Case Manager, the multi-disciplinary team, and the client’s family, it was agreed that there would be a live-in carer that would be the primary carer and an additional carer that would work during the day to assist with various tasks such as PEG feeding, continence care and moving & handling. A third carer was also introduced to ensure that there was shift rotation to avoid burn out. All carers that were selected to be with the client had extensive neuro-complex skills. Esnart assumed full responsibility for creating, executing, and overseeing the care plan and attending to the client’s changing requirements throughout the period Cavendish Homecare was responsible for their care package.

The Cavendish Approach…

When first discharged, the client faced challenges adjusting to being back at home as they needed to adapt to requiring constant care for daily activities and medication stark contrast prior to the stroke where the client managed all household tasks. In time, the client accepted that they would have to allow their carers to assist with daily activities.

The client suffered from paralysis and weakness on the right side of the body due to the stroke. To alleviate the pain associated, the client took Paracetamol and Baclofen. To manage the client’s motor deficits and physical fitness, interventions such as foot splints and assistance with movement and handling with a full-body sling were handled by the carers. The client faced communication challenges which included hearing difficulties which were addressed by using a hearing aid and the carers adapting communication techniques. In time, this led the client to be able to engage in full conversations.

The client was initially discharged with a PEG tube for eating, drinking and medications. During mealtimes, the Cavendish Homecare carer made homemade soft foods which aligned with the guidelines given by the SALT team. The client’s diet was gradually adjusted and after continued progress was observed, the client was able to have three meals a day, the PEG feeding was discontinued, and the carers only used the PEG tube for medication and water administration.

To encourage social recreation and leisure activities, the client’s care plan included a range of activities that promoted engagement and enjoyment. The client was involved in trips to the supermarket, meal planning, watering their indoor plants and walks in the nearby park.

The Outcome…

Since the client’s discharge from the rehabilitation center, the client made significant progress in their stroke recovery journey. The client’s home environment, surrounded by their loving family, and dedicated Cavendish Homecare carers and Esnart’s guidance, has contributed to their quality of life and continued improvement. The collaboration between healthcare professionals, effective communication, and the implementation of a tailored care package have supported the client’s positive recovery outcomes.


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I wish I had found Cavendish Homecare a long time ago

Many thanks for your help and support – I keep saying to everyone I know that I wish I had found Cavendish Homecare a long time ago. Everyone cared for mum was so professional, capable and caring.

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Your Registered Nurses cared so well for Mum

Your Registered Nurses cared so well for Mum. Small things such as brushing her hair regularly, massaging her feet, hands and head, talking to her and taking her non-verbal cues into account.

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Kind, helpful, calm

“I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to share mum’s caring duties with Mary. I couldn’t have asked for someone more kind, helpful, calm and caring to be in the house with. It took mum a while but she really took to her and, as long as it was one on one, she got to tune into Mary’s voice. Thank you for sending her our way.”

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