Cancer Care

“The nurses were superb, amazing, wonderful and we couldn’t have done without them”

“The nurses were superb, amazing, wonderful and we couldn’t have done without them”

Having just been diagnosed with cancer, the client’s family contacted Cavendish Homecare to arrange nursing cancer care while the client was going through chemotherapy sessions. The client was undergoing chemotherapy as an outpatient and both the client and the family requested nurses 24/7 to guide them through this challenging journey.

Our Client’s Story…

The treatment plan involved periodic hospital visits for chemotherapy sessions, during which the client would be attached to a pump for two days before returning to the hospital for its removal. The medications, combined with chemotherapy, heightened the client’s anxiety, and diminished their appetite.

Our nursing team, equipped with both medical expertise and compassionate care, offered invaluable emotional support, encouraged the client to voice any concerns, and offered reassurance, recognizing the crucial role of psychological well-being in the client’s overall health. This level of comprehensive care underlines the unique role of nursing in cancer care.

The nurses’ responsibilities included monitoring the client’s nutrition and hydration levels, as chemotherapy often adversely affects appetite. . The nurses encouraged the client to visit the park for fresh air and mental well-being. This was a key aspect of care, aiming to provide a sense of normalcy while going through a challenging period.

Due to chemotherapy-induced weakness and fatigue, the client’s mobility was compromised. Our nurses assisted the client with daily activities, recommended non-slip slippers for safety, and encouraged the client to engage in activities of daily living. The client also experienced emotional distress, which was addressed through encouragement of open communication and emotional support. The presence of family members played a vital role in the client’s support system.

Respiratory management was essential to maintain the client’s lung function, with a biliary drain catheter in place, infection risk was a concern, necessitating careful dressing maintenance and monitoring. Chemotherapy’s immunosuppressive effects made infection control crucial, and strict compliance measures were implemented by our nurses.

The Cavendish Approach…

Emotional support was a cornerstone of the care provided. The client often expressed fears and anxieties regarding chemotherapy. Our team also ensured continuity by assigning the same rotation of nurses whenever possible. This consistency minimised disruptions in all aspects of the client’s care.

The Outcome…

Cavendish Homecare’s role in the client’s care highlights the vital role of our nurses when supporting a client undergoing chemotherapy. The client’s unique needs, including emotional support, assistance with daily activities, medication management, and infection control, were diligently addressed by our dedicated nursing team. By maintaining continuity of care, minimising hospitalisations and fostering open communication, Cavendish Homecare provided holistic support, not only alleviating physical challenges but also tending to the client’s emotional well-being during a difficult period while providing reassurance and comfort for their family.


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Huge success

Thanks so much, it was a huge success. Mum really liked the Registered Nurse. We would like to keep her!

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Nurse M is just fantastic

Thank you for your email. Nurse M is just fantastic – we are so pleased to have her and she is looking after my mum with such great care.

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She loved her nurses.

“Thank you so much for all you have done. She loved her nurses.”

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