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“We are so grateful to you all at Cavendish Homecare”

“We are so grateful to you all at Cavendish Homecare”

Following a bicycle accident, the client initially moved in with a relative to recover. Once the client was ready to transition back to independently living at home, Cavendish Homecare were contacted to support this. The client required carers to assist in re-establishing a daily routine and managing household tasks, enhancing the ability to perform activities of daily living (ADLs).

Our Client’s Story…

Despite the client’s eagerness to regain independence and move back into their own home, the client faced anxieties about the transition. Cavendish Homecare’s role was to support the client with the transition and ease any anxiety.

The client was fully ambulant and confidently managed their medication. The primary goal was to promote independence, a sense of autonomy, and staying active with social activities. The client also valued contributing to the community and maintaining an organised home as this provided a sense of well-being.

The Cavendish Approach…

To aid this transition, the carer was introduced to provide the support and encouragement the client needed. This included several tasks throughout the day that covered different aspects of the client’s life and well-being.

To support the client’s household management, the carer maintained the cleanliness of the home by cleaning all areas, organising paperwork, managing the laundry, preparing meals and completing the client’s weekly shopping.

To support the client’s activities of daily living, the carer provided companionship and an maintained an active lifestyle by regularly going on walks, encouraging engagement in social activites and developing a rapport to help support the client during anxious moments.

To support the client’s medical needs, the carer completed daily observations of blood pressure and oxygen levels, monitoring any changes to the client’s continence, encouraging fluid intake and reminding the client to take their required medications.

With the support of a Cavendish Homecare carer, the client was able to successfully transition back home where their daily routine was re-established. This support was crucial as the carer was able to manage the client’s anticipatory anxiety, ensuring a smooth transition.

The Outcome…

The structured support that Cavendish Homecare provided to the client was instrumental in the successful transition back to independent living. According to the client, “now that support is in place, I find it a big help”. The tailored care plan that incorporated the client’s goals with daily tasks, medical monitoring and companionship enabled the client to thrive in their own home.


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She has created a lovely relationship with dad

“We just wanted to let you know how blessed and happy we feel and more importantly dad feels having Fonyee caring for him. She has created a lovely relationship with dad. She has reduced our anxiety by being professional and easy to be around. So big thank you.”

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We can't thank you enough

I just want to thank you both again for arranging continuous 24hr cover on such short notice and in such a trying time where resources are so strained. Without you, my mum would have likely spent additional weeks in hospital, denying her what she truly wanted – which was to die peacefully at home with her family. You and the nursing staff facilitated this, and we can’t thank you enough.

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Admiration for the nurses

I have nothing but admiration for the nurses you have provided us, and please pass on mine and the family’s thanks. It provided us with a break whilst knowing that mum was taken care of.

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