Holiday destinations for elderly parents

February 20, 2023 Holiday Care Support

Holiday destinations for elderly parents

Family holidays are the ideal opportunity to bring together older and younger generations. Organising holidays for elderly parents are a great way to help bond and give them a new lease on life with fresh perspective and a much-needed change of scenery.

Whichever destination you choose, be sure to plan ahead. Ensure that all excursions and attractions are suitable, particularly if your elderly parents have mobility issues. Accessible tourism is bigger and better than it ever used to be, so with a little research and foresight it’s possible to arrange a holiday that all the family can enjoy and remember fondly. In this guide, we share ideas for holidays for 80 year olds.

Looking to travel abroad?

It is important to then consider the health and mobility of your elderly parents. Are they fit enough to cope with a flight, or can they only handle car journeys? If they are fit enough to handle a flight overseas, will they need assistance in and around the airport? Some airlines might require at least 48 hours’ notice and it’s more preferable to inform them of any mobility issues at the time of booking flights.

Once you’re at your holiday resort, will your elderly parents require specific accommodation i.e. ground floor rooms, grab rails, walk-in showers etc? If so, you will have to ensure that the booked accommodation will be able to facilitate this and inform the accommodation providers in advance of your arrival.

Will your elderly parents require any prescription medications? If so, get their doctor to write a letter as proof of their medical needs as some destinations have specific medication restrictions, and be sure to bring extra to cover emergencies.

These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself when choosing the right holiday to take your elderly parents on. Given that some elderly folks won’t be fit enough for a family break overseas, we’ve put together some of the best destinations for UK breaks as well as those further afield.

Travel requirements

As the world moves on from the COVID-19 restrictions, it it still essential to ensure that you are aware of current restrictions, if there are any, in your intended destination.  Travel advice can be found on the Government’s Foreign Travel Advice website. When budgeting for a holiday, remember to take into consideration travel insurance. Age and medical conditions can increase premiums considerably, and the insurers who offer the lowest prices may not actually agree to cover those with pre-existing conditions. There are specialist insurers in the market though. Don’t forget that you need to declare mental health conditions as well as physical issues to ensure your parent is properly covered.

Budget-friendly, close to home and easy to organise


The south-west county of Devon is one of the largest in England. It’s also one of the prettiest, particularly in the summer season. Devon boasts wonderful, well-kept beaches and seaside resorts for the youngsters, as well as plenty of historic gardens and houses for others to explore. Devon is famed for its holiday cottages, but many of the older properties may not be mobility-friendly for elderly parents. Nevertheless, there are some that have been adapted to provide ground floor accommodation for those that need it. Torquay is one of the jewels in Devon’s crown for elderly holidaymakers, with the ‘English Riviera’ a magnet for retirees.


If it’s rich history, sunny seaside and humble fresh seafood that you’re after, look no further than the North Yorkshire town of Whitby. This charming town is situated at the mouth of the River Esk and offers magnificent coastal views en-route via car. It remains one of the UK’s most prominent fishing ports and is regularly awarded as having the best fish and chips in the country. If you were ever a fan of the TV show ‘Heartbeat’ you’ll enjoy taking a trip here, as Whitby and the surrounding area was the setting for the programme.

The Cotswolds

The Cotswolds is easily accessible from all four corners of the country, which makes it a suitable holiday destination with elderly parents. There are so many classic Cotswold towns and villages to explore, none more so than Stow-on-the-Wold, with its model villages, independent shops, rolling hills and stunning country manors. Sure, there are cobbled streets to negotiate, but the beauty of the Cotswolds is that the pace of life is that much slower than elsewhere. You can really take your time and take it all in.

European holidays


The beautiful land of Italy offers the sea, the Alps and the Apennines Mountain ranges. Many older travellers due their flexible schedule choose early spring and autumn as the best time to visit. The weather is not overbearing at that time of a year, and your leisure time can be filled with bus tours, walking tours or cruises to savour the scenery of the land. There are many perks the country offers for peaceful, wonder-filled holidays for 80 year olds. With a length of flight of only 2.5 hours, Italy may be just the choice for your elderly parents!


Portugal often goes under the radar as a suitable family holiday destination for all ages. First and foremost, the Portuguese pace of life is much slower than most of the UK, with most of its beaches much less crowded than in neighbouring Spain. There are magnificent, well-kept golf courses across the Algarve, which will appeal to elderly parents that still enjoy 18 holes. The low cost of living also makes it comparatively cheaper for family holidays than other Mediterranean destinations.


The almost perennial mild climate of Andalusia, along with its family-orientated, civilised lifestyle makes for an ideal holiday destination with elderly parents. Flight times to Malaga are less than three hours and car hire is readily available should you need to borrow four wheels to get around from A to B. Andalusia is also a haven for expats, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find fellow Brits to socialise with. Many of the biggest seaside resorts in Andalusia have promenades that have been designed with disabled access firmly in mind. For instance, Marbella’s marble seafront promenade is three miles long and is wheelchair friendly throughout.

Overseas destinations suitable for 80 year olds


With its mountainous scenery accompanied with plethora of clean lakes, Canada has made it to the wish list of holidays destinations for older people. For those unable to enjoy long walks due to mobility issues, a train vacation can be a suitable solution that offers unlimited sight-seeing possibilities with Canada’s rail network covering a wide range of areas.

New Zealand

Another highly wished-for holiday location for elderly travellers filled with national parks and spectacular mountain views is New Zealand. There are many ways to enjoy the scenic routes, whether by car, trains, ferries, coach, or even internal flights. If planning a holidays with elderly parents, New Zealand may be your go-to. There are options of small group tours to Kauri, Pohutukawa, Kowhai, Rimu, Mount Cook Lily or Koromiko for various length of stay. Options of accommodation are to everyone’s taste – lodges, city hotels, private hotels, B&Bs, apartments, motels, even farm stays and rural homestays.


If your elderly parents can handle the over 13-hour flight, Singapore is a magnificent place to explore. It’s a city state where east meets west. This former British colony is English speaking in most areas, with all street signs and public transport maps in English. With next to no crime rate, spotlessly clean streets and a Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) network that offers barrier-free stations, ramps, lifts and wheelchair-accessible toilets, it’s easy to explore the city’s heritage and enjoy its cultural melting pot. Singapore can be a holiday destination in its own right, but it’s also a useful stopover for visiting Australia or New Zealand.

How can Cavendish Homecare help?

Cavendish Homecare provides holiday care support for travel abroad and around the UK. This is suitable for elderly & disabled individuals in need of support such as assistance with travel, taking medication and communication with others.

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