Products that support people living with Dementia

August 19, 2022 Dementia Care

Products that support people living with Dementia

Despite the diagnosis, people living with dementia should be about to live well and supported from diagnosis to the advanced stages. As strides are made in the technological world, more products are being designed to help those living with dementia to make their lives easier. New products have been created to:

  • Help those caring for people experiencing communication difficulties
  • Enhance life by reducing stress and anxiety
  • Using machine learning to support the challenges faced

Products that can support people living with Dementia:

Smart Socks look and feel like normal socks are machine-washable. This product senses the rising distress, track heart rate, sweat levels and motion. It then provides a steady stream of data to carers to an app. This prevents the escalation of anxiousness and possible aggressive behaviour.

  • HUG by Laugh

HUG is an interactive, sensory product designed be cuddled, bringing comfort to people living with dementia. It has weighted limbs and a soft body that also simulates a beating heart with a programmable music player. As dementia progresses, people living with the condition can be more agitated, isolated, and anxious, with very little products that can bring comfort. HUG has been proved to improve quality of life, reduce agitation and anxiety and enhance social interaction.

  • Automated Medicine Dispenser

Memory loss and confusion increases as a person’s dementia progresses. As a result, people suffering with dementia do forget to take their medication. An electronic medicine dispenser will release the specified medication at the specified time with some offering a combination of visual and audio alerts to those with a hearing or visual impairment.

  • Motion Sensor Lights

This is helpful for those who get up in the middle of the night by turning the light on when someone walks part it or gets out of bed. This means that they are not walking in total darkness and the lights do not have to be on all night, disrupting sleep.

  • GPS Smart Watches

People with dementia have a tendency to wander. These watches allow a family member or carer to see where their loved ones are through an app. It also allows the family or carer to create a ‘safe zone’ and alert them when their relative has left this zone.

How we can help

At Cavendish Homecare, all our carers and nurses work towards delivering the best care possible and at times, incorporating these technological advancements. If you have questions about caring for a loved one, please do not hesitate to call us at 020 3008 5210 or email at

About the Author…

Zahrah Abdullah

Operations Assistant

During her time as a Youth Worker at Challengers, a charity dedicated to supporting children and young people with disabilities, Zahrah demonstrated excellence in assisting in the delivery of inclusive play activities. She gained knowledge in Makaton, and underwent training in Crisis Prevention/Intervention, specifically focusing on managing challenging verbal and physical behaviours.

Currently holding a key role within Cavendish Homecare’s operations team, Zahrah takes charge of ensuring the seamless set up of new cases, managing the distribution of personal protective equipment (PPE) to clients and the nursing and carer teams, organising staff training and providing crucial support to Nurse Managers.

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