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The benefits of paediatric homecare

Providing the right level of care to a child if they are disabled or sick with a more serious medical condition is very important for the child and their family. Knowing what care support is out there for your child can be difficult and confusing. […]

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Assisted living for children and young adults

When we think of the term ‘home care’, we tend to confuse it with a nursing home for the elderly, or presume it is only for a select group of people. However, home care is in fact an all-encompassing phrase for a whole host […]

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Paediatric care for children living with cancer

Paediatric care is medical care for children and young people. Paediatricians are Doctors and Nurses who specialise in this area, working alongside other health and social care professionals and services to provide the best possible care for their young patients. It also ensures the […]

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What does a paediatric nurse do?

Palliative care often gets confused with the end of life care, but the two are different, even if they offer similar things. For cancer patients, palliative care is an integral part of treatment. This article will go over exactly what palliative care can mean, […]

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