The benefits of Paediatric Homecare

February 25, 2021 Paediatric Care

The benefits of Paediatric Homecare

Providing the right level of care to a child if they are disabled or sick with a more serious medical condition is very important for the child and their family. Knowing what care support is out there for you child can be difficult and confusing. Considering the needs of other family members and making decisions that minimize the impact the child’s condition has on their way of life is important.

Developments in medical care make it easier for families to consider paediatric home care as a viable option to help care for their child. Paediatric home care is delivered by Paediatric Registered Nurses and Carers and offers many advantages such as:

Attention is personalised

Medical facilities are often chaotic. Spending even a day in one is often stressful for the child and the family. When a child has an extended stay in a facility, it often impacts both their emotional and physical health. With paediatric home care, services are more personalised to your child’s individual needs. The child receives one to one attention and there is more consistency in care providers than in a facility. The child feels more comfortable in a setting they are familiar with in their own home.

Greater Flexibility –

Paediatric home care allows you to book appointments around your child’s schedule, rather than what is available at the hospital or clinic. Your child can also attend school and/or participate in other activities and receive the care later in the day. This flexibility allows you to maintain normal life around the care you are receiving.

Convenience and comfortability

Home is often the best place for a child to see a nurse or therapist. Choosing paediatric home care eliminates the need to find a facility, drive for appointments and face other logistical challenges.  The family experiences less stress, and the child is better equipped with the care they need to regain or maintain their highest level of independence. The result is an improved quality of life.

Safety –

With your child at home, you will not have to go outside and be around other children in a medical facility. This is important because there are times when there may be an outbreak of a virus, which tends to spread to several children who may be together. Certain children are particularly vulnerable to this type of outbreak, and your child may be one of them. Keeping the care confined to your home helps reduce the chances that your child will catch an unwanted virus while receiving treatment.

If your child is faced with a medical condition or disability, understanding their options helps you to provide them with the best care experience. For many families, paediatric home care is the right solution.

Are you looking for a Paediatric Nurse to support your loved one?

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Our Services Include:

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