Staying mentally healthy this January

January 11, 2022 Mental Health

Staying mentally healthy this January

Many will be starting their January health kicks including Dry January, Veganuary and new fitness phases. However many of these do not focus solely on your mental health. When improving your overall health it is important to take steps to improve your mental health. We have listed some tips to follow to stay mentally healthy this January.


The best way to stick to your health plans in January is to write them down and stick to a plan. This allows you to hold yourself accountable for your mental health in January. Taking action can help you get through any bumps in the road and come out on the other side.

Stay healthy

One of the most important steps to take to improve your mental health is to make sure you stay physically healthy. This allows you to focus on your goals and makes you feel better. Anything from a brisk walk to a 10km run to get your heart pumping. Try to avoid foods and drinks that can make you feel sluggish. The cold and dark weather can make you crave chocolate or junk food so make sure your fridge is stocked with healthy alternatives such as fruit or vegetables.

Positive people

Surround yourself with people who are positive and inspiring. Those who are doing great things with their time and are motivated to feel good can improve their mental state. A positive mindset can help you get through the colder months.

Sunlight and Happiness

There are many links between the effect of sunlight on our happiness. Try to get outside every day for your daily exercise and also get some fresh air. This can lead you to have a happier and healthier mind.

Be kind to you

Do what you can this January to keep yourself happy. Be kind to yourself. Whether that’s going for a nice long walk or having a chocolate bar.

“For some, the pandemic has increasingly forced people to spend time apart. Numerous lockdowns, travel restrictions, and the awareness of the risks to health posed by Covid have rendered people more anxious, depressed, and isolated than ever.”

With some dark winter months ahead of us, it is important to take steps to ensure we are looking after ourselves mentally. Adapting and becoming resilient can help you get through this period mentally stronger.

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Operations Assistant

As a volunteer at North London Action for the Homeless, Misha stands out for her exceptional ability to connect with people through active listening and meaningful dialogue. With seven years of invaluable experience as a Team Leader and Key Worker for adults with diverse learning disabilities, including cerebral palsy, dementia, Down syndrome, and brain injuries, Misha brings extensive experience and a deep understanding of caring for individuals with unique needs.

Now a pivotal member of the operations team at Cavendish Homecare, Misha actively supports Nurse Managers and the Bookings team in delivering high-quality care. She has demonstrated outstanding commitment to supporting charity partner Cruse Bereavement through events such as the Virtual TCS London Marathon and Light up the Night.

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