The Importance of rest after surgery

September 24, 2020 Post-Hospital Care

The Importance of rest after surgery

Resting after surgery is vital to ensure you have a safe recovery. Pushing yourself too hard after a procedure can cause immediate or long-term physical complications. We have listed below some reasons why rest is so important after surgery.

Sleep is very important

The importance of rest after surgery is stressed by doctors because your body is going to do a lot of healing while sleeping. After all, your body does the majority of its healing while you’re asleep. It’s important that you’re able to take a nap whenever you need to. When your body and mind feel tired, that’s a signal that your body has work to do.

Ongoing care

Many surgical procedures require on-going nursing care for days, weeks, or even months after the procedure. Even if you feel like you’re ready to return to your normal life, it’s critical that you don’t rush it. Discuss the importance of returning to normal life after surgery and when this will be best for you. Just because you feel good doesn’t mean your body is ready to return to your normal routine.

Re-adjust to normal life after surgery

Surgery isn’t just stressful on the day of the procedure. Many patients can struggle with emotional aspects for weeks or months after their procedure. The importance of rest after surgery is largely due to your need to heal mentally, and that may mean that you need to rediscover a sense of normality.

Side effects of medicines

After your surgical procedure you may experience some pain. Your doctor may recommend natural treatments such as physical therapy and massage for relief, however you may end up having to take some medications for the pain. These medications can affect your motor skills and your emotional and mental clarity. You may find it harder to function day to day so it is important to rest and stay at home.

 Spend time with loved ones

Surgery isn’t just stressful for you as patient. After your procedure, family members and friends are going to want you to heal safely. When your loved ones know that you value the importance of rest after surgery, they’re going to feel more at ease as you go through the surgical process.

It can be difficult to stop your life, the demands of work, family and friends but it is vital to ensure you have a swift and safe recovery. We are aware of the specialist needs of care for all operations and some complications that can occur during recovery.

Cavendish Homecare

At Cavendish Homecare, we provide Post-Operative Care utilising the clinical skills and experience of our Registered Nurses and Carers. They provide superior personalised care to suit your individual needs during your recovery. If you are looking for Post-Operative Care at home, please call our Homecare team to see how we can assist you.