World Alzheimer’s Day

September 21, 2023 Alzheimer’s Care, Dementia Care

World Alzheimer’s Day

World Alzheimer’s Day – September 21st, a day dedicated to raising awareness about Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

“Never too early, never too late”

This year’s theme, “Never too early, never too late,” highlights the critical importance of understanding risk factors and risk reduction, all while emphasising the need for increased awareness surrounding this devastating disease.

Early diagnosis: The key to slowing progression

Alzheimer’s is a complex condition with varying signs and symptoms that can be challenging to identify, much like any other illness. However, early diagnosis holds the potential to significantly slow down its progression. Recognising the initial signs and seeking help is the first step towards offering a better quality of life to those affected.

Spreading awareness

Awareness is paramount in addressing the multifaceted challenges posed by Alzheimer’s disease. By spreading knowledge and understanding, we can ensure that people are better equipped to recognize the signs, seek help, and provide support to those affected and their families. The collective effort to increase awareness can pave the way for a brighter future for individuals living with dementia.

Quality of life with dementia

Living a good quality life is not beyond reach for those with dementia. While a diagnosis can be devastating, new medications and interventions are emerging that can help individuals maintain their independence for as long as possible. Additionally, promoting the value of exercise and engaging in meaningful activities can significantly enhance the overall well-being of those affected.

The therapeutic power of music

In this regard, the use of music and various activities is highly recommended. Music, in particular, has shown remarkable therapeutic potential in soothing and stimulating the minds of individuals with dementia, providing a sense of comfort and joy.

A collective call to action

World Alzheimer’s Day serves as a reminder that we must collectively strive to raise awareness, reduce risk factors, and support those affected by this disease. By fostering a better understanding of Alzheimer’s and taking proactive steps, we can create a more compassionate and inclusive world for everyone touched by this condition.


Alzheimer’s UK

A valuable resource for information and support, offers a plethora of assistance. Their website,, includes a highly recommended checklist for individuals concerned about memory loss or confusion, aiding in early detection and intervention.

The Healing Melody:

Never underestimate the power of music – individual playlists can lift mood and be used daily. Discover the therapeutic potential of music at

Dementia Adventures: Supported Group Holidays

Explore new horizons and create lasting memories with Dementia Adventures – Supported group holidays designed for those living with dementia and their families. For more information, visit or call 01245 237548.

How can Cavendish Homecare help?

Caring for a parent with dementia at home can be emotionally and physically challenging. You may require additional support at home. At Cavendish Homecare we can help support you and your loved ones with our expertise in delivering dementia care at home. We know that being diagnosed with Dementia can have a huge emotional, social, and psychological effect on both the person suffering and their family. Therefore, we ensure specialist care in the comfort of one’s own home.

Please call our Homecare team on 020 3008 5210 or email us to see how we can assist you.