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World Alzheimer’s Day

World Alzheimer’s Day – September 21st, a day dedicated to raising awareness about Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. “Never too early, never too late” This year’s theme, “Never too early, never too late,” highlights the critical importance of understanding risk factors and […]

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Tips for coping with sundowning

Sundowning is a term used for changes in behaviour that occur in the evening, around dusk. Some people who have dementia experience a growing sense of agitation or anxiety at this time.  What is sundowning? People living with Alzheimer’s and other dementia may experience sleeping problems or […]

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Caring for a parent with Dementia at home

When a family member is diagnosed with dementia, the transition of caring for them at home can often become difficult to deal with, however, prepared you might feel. Fully understanding dementia and how it may affect someone’s life can make caring for a senior […]

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Supporting a person living with dementia in cold weather

A person with dementia may struggle to explain how they’re feeling in the cold, and what they need to keep warm. They may forget to wear appropriate clothing, such as jackets, scarves, gloves, or even forget to turn on the heating. Overall, winter can […]

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Cavendish Homecare celebrates World Alzheimer’s Day

In celebration of World Alzheimer’s Day, the team at Cavendish Homecare Professionals hosted a special afternoon with guest speakers including Professor Deborah Sturdy OBE – Chief Nurse, Adult Social Care, Department of Health and Julia Jones, Co-founder of John’s Campaign. Deborah Sturdy, Julia Jones […]

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Wearable technology detecting Alzheimer’s

There has been rapid growth in the market for smart watches and Fitbits. From counting your steps to tracking how much sleep you are getting each night, the metrics we can measure are expanding. Edon (Early detection of Neurodegenerative diseases) is spearheading a project […]

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Questions children ask about dementia

A child’s interaction has been proven to have many benefits to people living with dementia. Their energy, engagement and smiling behaviour provide a positive environment with more conversations. However, finding the words to answer all the questions about dementia from your child can be […]

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