Case Studies

We have many years of experience providing care for those who wish to remain in their home. No one person is the same, therefore, we adapt our services to your individual needs. Take a read of some of our client experiences.


Respite Care

“I feel much better knowing Cavendish Homecare are around to help”

Our client’s story Mrs C, an 83-year-old capable woman, accidently fell in her own home. Having used Cavendish Homecare’s services previously, she immediately called the 24-hour on call contact number. Within an hour of contacting the team, a Registered Nurse has arrived at her […]

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Holiday/ Travel Support

“We’ll always be grateful for what you did”

Our client’s story Mrs R who sought out Cavendish Homecare’s expertise on recommendation from her doctor, as an overseas patient, needed short-term night duty whilst undergoing tests in the UK. Once the family made contact with Cavendish Homecare, two Carers were organised for her […]

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Palliative Care

“The nurses made such a difference during her final months”

Our client’s story Mrs B, a terminally ill 70-year-old woman living with Muscular Sclerosis had been in and out of hospital for the past six months. Mrs B suffered from chest infections as well as circulations problems. Mrs B was then taken to a […]

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Cancer Care

“You allowed us to share real quality time with her as a family”

Our client’s story After undergoing extensive chemotherapy, 45-year-old Mrs. C, a mother of three, was given the news that her tumours hadn’t shrunk and her cancer treatment wasn’t working. Deciding to halt further treatment and go home, she and her husband got in touch […]

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Domiciliary Care

“They define the best that home nursing can be”

“The fact that I have used Cavendish Homecare for over five years is testimony to my reliance on their competence and expertise. The quality of their staff reflects the standards and leadership of Mairead Liston. If I could suggest the ‘brand’, it would be…

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