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“Thank goodness I have Cavendish in place to look after them”

“Thank goodness I have Cavendish in place to look after them”

The clients first contacted Cavendish Homecare in 2021 as they were both of advanced age with different medical conditions. As their medical conditions advanced, their family began considering the necessity of ensuring care for both clients. The clients wanted to maintain their independence and be cared for in the familiarity of their own home, with each other’s company in the later stages of their lives.

Due to this, the family decided that it would be best to engage Cavendish Homecare’s live-in carer to ensure that their health was monitored closely at all times. The overall goal of engaging Cavendish’s service was to preserve their independence.

Our Client’s Story…

Both clients had a range of medical conditions. Client A experienced chronic lung disease, hypertension, and ischaemic heart disease resulting in the implantation of a pacemaker, among other ailments. Client B exhibited conditions including renal failure, dementia, arthritis, and sciatica.

Both clients were highly independent and enjoyed the ability to go on car journeys. However, as their health deteriorated, the need to reevaluate certain activities, especially driving, became apparent. With the progression of their medical conditions, the clients’ family made the deliberate decision to remove the car keys from their residence. This big change caused a level of distress to the clients. To assist in alleviating this, Cavendish Homecare staff were dedicated to managing this situation delicately to support the acceptance of this change.

As both clients had limited mobility and prone to falls, it was imperative that our staff remained ever vigilant. The clients occasionally placed themselves in situations with the potential for harm. For instance, Client A, at times unaware of Client B’s mobility limitations, attempted to provide assistance without staff supervision. Thus, our dedicated team consistently maintained a watchful presence to avert any untoward incidents.

The Cavendish Approach…

During the time the Cavendish Homecare team were involved, the clients received a . Initially, carers were working shifts, however, as the needs of the clients settled, this was reduced to live-in care.

With the dedicated attention of the carers, instances of falls , resulting in a reduction in both hospitalisations and hospital visits. The carers always remained vigilant, monitoring the clients discreetly for when they appeared unsteady and assisted them to regain their balance, when needed, which prevented any further falls. A reduction in falls is crucial for the elderly because it not only prevents physical injuries but also preserves their overall well-being, independence, and quality of life.

The live-in carers played a significant role in providing comprehensive care to both clients by assisting with daily activities of the clients, personal care promoting hygiene and comfort, household management and meticulous management of doctors and hospital appointments. This ensured a safe, comfortable living environment while ensuring that the clients received timely and appropriate care whether from Cavendish Homecare or their medical teams. This regular monitoring not only helped in maintaining their overall health but also provided important information for the clients’ medical diagnosis and treatment and care plans.

The Outcome…

Cavendish Homecare’s live-in carers, through their dedication and comprehensive assistance, contributed significantly to the well-being and independence of both clients. Their responsibilities extended far beyond the realm of daily personal care and household management. They also took on vital roles, such as managing medical appointments and ensuring that their medication was delivered on time. This holistic approach to care reflects our commitment to helping both clients maintain their independence in their later years, a goal both clients had set out when engaging our services.


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Two wonderful and talented carers

I wish to emphasize that my parents are being looked after extremely well in a very happy environment by your two wonderful and talented carers, Lucy & Lea.

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An absolute blessing for us all

“Mary is lovely to have in the house and a great help so thank you for sending her our way. An absolute blessing for us all and mum in particular.”

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It has exceeded my expectations

“I would just like to say how impressed and extremely pleased I am with Cavendish Homecare. From the first contact with Mairead just 8 days ago to a detailed conversation with Denise 2 days later leading to Lea commencing her full time live-in role looking after my parents last Thursday, it has exceeded my expectations.”

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