Benefits of live-in care

January 14, 2021 Live-In Care

Benefits of live-in care

What is Live-in Care?

Live-in Care is where one of our professionally trained Registered Nurses or Carers lives with you in your own home. The Registered Nurse or Carer will be in your home full-time, seven days a week. Therefore, there is always care on hand whenever you may need it.

Top 5 benefits of Live-in Care

1. Remaining at home

Your loved one can remain safe and secure at home. Their Registered Nurse or Carer can provide them with the support they need to continue living their life as normal, surrounded by their belongings and memories. For a loved one with dementia, remaining at home can be much more beneficial than moving into for example, a residential home. This is because the familiarity of being with their possessions can reduce confusion brought on by dementia.

2. Family support

Having your loved one remain at home with a personal Registered Nurse or Carer allows you to stay more involved with their care. You can continue to stay in touch and monitor the care your loved one is receiving. This is all made easier by the relationship that you will also build with their Registered Nurse or Carer, allowing you to feel included in the care of your loved one.

3. Maintaining your lifestyle

Live-in care means your loved one can continue to live in their home, giving them the freedom to see family and friends as and when they want, to receive guests at home and to continue having pets. Having support from a Registered Nurse or Carer means that they can carry on with a lifestyle that is both familiar and comfortable.

4. Constant care

Live-in care means constant care for your loved one. Compared to living in a residential home, having a full-time live-in Registered Nurse or Carer allows your family member to have one-to-one assistance, and ensures that their Registered Nurse or Carer is available to them 24/7. Having live-in care will create stability in the home, and you can rest easy knowing that your loved one is being cared for by someone who is dedicated to their profession.

5. Peace of mind

Not only does having someone stay throughout the night have safety benefits, but it also eases the minds of the people receiving care and their family members too. Meaning everyone can get a restful, and safe night’s sleep.

How can we help?

As one of the leading providers of bespoke Live-in Care in the UK, we pride ourselves in offering superior levels of service and support at every stage. Additionally, our combined years of experience within the NHS and private healthcare sectors mean we know how to create packages that give you the care you need when you need it most. We offer:

  • Individually tailored Live-In Care packages
  • Temporary & permanent solutions, with complete flexibility
  • Specialist packages for couples
  • Experts on-hand to guide you through the process
  • 24-hour support and total discretion
  • Highly trained and compassionate Registered Nurses and Carers
  • Trustworthy support from the entire team

Please call our Homecare team on 0203 008 5210 or email us to see how we can assist you.

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