What is a live-in carer?

June 15, 2021 Live-In Care

What is a live-in carer?

Live-in carers are full trained health care professionals that live within your home with you and/or your loved ones. They provide the necessary assistance or care that you may need to live a healthier, independent and safer life. A live-in carer enables you to complete daily tasks or to help you deal with personal issues that you may not be fit to complete by yourself.

Role of a live-in carer

One major role of a live-in care assistant is supporting patients with mobility issues. They may require help and assistance moving around their home. This prevents any unexpected falls or injuries. The safety of clients who are not fully mobile is a priority to a live-in care assistant.

Medication is another aspect of a patient’s daily routine that a live-in care assistant will manage. Clients must be receiving the correct medication so for patients who are unfit to control this themselves, carers will schedule and amend any mistakes with medication intake.

Above all else, your carer will provide companionship throughout the day. A familiar face visiting every day to help you out, is a superior form of care.

How long do live-in care placements last?

Live-in care placements have no time frame, they are flexible and built around the needs of each patient. Many of these placements may be full time and others may not depend on if patients have other care in place. Placements can also depend on the relationship built between the carers, patients, and their families.

Patients who are living with specific illnesses such as dementia, cancer, or multiple sclerosis, may have a live-in care assistant who specialises in that field. At Cavendish Homecare we can provide specially trained nurses or carers who can meet all your requirements.

How can Cavendish Homecare Help?

At Cavendish Homecare, we are specialists in Live-in care. We understand and respect that the relationship between carer and patient is what is most important.

Whether it’s for you or a loved one, our Live-in Care is of superior quality. Our Live-in Registered Nurses and Carers can offer support and companionship throughout the day, and even during the night should you need 24-hour Live-in Care. Everything from doing the housekeeping and shopping to helping with personal care, medication administration and clinical expertise. They will be there to chat with and can help you get on with life reassured that there’s always someone on-hand to help.

If you would like to enquire about our Live-in care services, contact us on, 02030085210 or email us at info@cavendishhomecare.com.