Everything you need to know about Live-In care

November 13, 2018 Live-In Care

Everything you need to know about Live-In care

With so many available options for care, whether it be post – op or general support, we have looked at the benefits of live - in care, the process and why a large majority of people are opting for a more personal and tailored approach.

Opportunity for one to one support
One of the main reasons people opt for live – in care is the fact the carer is on hand solely for that individual. You have the reassurance that your needs will be put first, and each day will be on your terms in the comfort of your own home, without having to wait around or have someone make decisions for you.

When selecting an agency for care, it’s important to consider the mental and physical wellbeing of the person being cared for. Adding too much disruption to someone’s life can create a great deal of stress and uncertainty. In some instances, such as caring for a person suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia can do more harm if you take them out of their familiar setting. Alternatively if you have children and need to be at home for them, but require help to manage your health and physical wellbeing opting for live-in even short term can be a big help.

More than just a carer
A live-in carer will need to tick a lot of boxes before they come to stay with you and start providing care. It can seem daunting that your carer will move in and be involved in many aspects of your life, but they will be as involved or as separated from you as you like. But you can relax in the knowledge that there is always someone there to help medically.

Financial considerations
Probably one of the most daunting things to think about when considering live – in care. You will be glad to know that this type of care is comparable to the cost of residential care home costs, ok albeit slightly more, but what more can you expect from around the clock live – in personal care?
Costs do vary across the country, however on average a residential care home can cost you between £800 – £1,200 a week, compared to live – in costs starting at £1015 per week.

The added extras from an agency
An agency will provide a service through a trained team of care workers, which means you may not always have the same person visiting your home, although the agency will do its best to take your choices into account.

Homecare agencies can also:
• Take over the burden of being an employer – for example, payroll, training, disciplinary issues and insurance
• Train their homecare workers through national qualifications and service-specific training
• Replace workers when they’re ill, on holiday or resign
• Put things right when they go wrong

Questions to ask when identifying an agency
You have done all the research and now need to decide on the agency. Here are some questions about the fee and what it covers.
These include:
• Does the agency check references?
• What training and supervision do they provide?
• What’s their complaints policy?
• Who’s responsible for insurance?
• Is there any out-of-hours or emergency contact if needed?

Will they be able to provide staff if your own care worker is ill or away? If an agency is contracted to provide care every day, it must do that.

The first step. Arranging live – in care
Organising live – in care is an easy straightforward process. After choosing an agency, you (or the individual who needs care) will be required to have an assessment which will allow the agency to create a bespoke care – plan to suit your needs. A carer could be with you as soon as 24 – 48 hours after your initial assessment.
The agency will choose a carer that matches your requirements and personal preferences. It’s vital that your carer is a good fit for what you’re looking for, as you will be spending a lot of time with each other! You do of course have the option to request another carer if you feel the one that has been chosen for you is not suitable to fulfil your needs.

About us
Cavendish Homecare provides specialised private home care nursing throughout London and the South East. If you or someone you know requires live-in care contact us to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to provide advice and support wherever needed.

Our team come from Registered nurses to compassionate Family Liaison experts – that’s why we understand that each patient requires individual specialised plans, therefore, we take the time to meet you and your family to plan yours, or your loved one’s personal care requirements.

We have been within private healthcare since 2009 and built up a respected reputation for delivering a professional yet compassionate service with both private and public healthcare providers. Our services are not restricted to live-in care we are also able to assist with Cancer care, Post-hospital / Post-operative and Respite care as well as Palliative Care and travel assistance.
Please do get in touch with us on 0203 008 5210 or email us at info@cavendishhomecare.com to see how we can help.