Cavendish Homecare celebrates #GladToCare Week

June 12, 2023 Charities

Cavendish Homecare celebrates #GladToCare Week

Cavendish Homecare Professionals is delighted to announce its involvement in #GladtoCare Week 2023, a national awareness week dedicated to celebrating those who work in the care sector, which has returned for its fourth year.

Following the great success of the inaugural #GladtoCare Awareness Week that saw over 500 care homes take part and the #GladtoCare hashtag used over three million times in just one week, Cavendish Homecare Professionals will be getting involved in the event, which aims to highlight and celebrate resilient care workers.

Recognising outstanding care

This June, we recognise the people within this industry, who has gone through an undeniable difficult time. It is important to show our appreciation for the hard work and extraordinary contributions that carers make every day. Despite the worst of the pandemic being behind us, the organisers hope that the week will continue to highlight the outstanding dedication displayed by carers throughout the crisis, who have gone above and beyond to make sure care home residents are kept safe.

Each day, carers make a difference all around the world, providing care for those in need. At Cavendish Professionals Homecare, we see first-hand, the dedication and determination of all our nurses and carers, ensuring our clients feel safe and comfortable, with care that suits their medical and personal needs.

A word from our Nurse Managers

“Caring for someone is the most rewarding career. It’s challenging mentally, spiritually & physically but there’s absolutely no doubt that it’s the most interesting job you can have. I’m so thankful I chose Nursing, nothing else comes close!” – Maggie Candy, Deputy Nurse Manager & John’s Campaign Ambassador at Cavendish Professionals Homecare.

Providing quality care to patients can have a significant impact on their health outcomes. It adds to a more positive patient recovery experience and can help persons with serious illnesses like cancer improve their physical and mental quality of life. Patients benefit from the personalisation of care because it alleviates the natural worries and anxieties that come with being in a hospital setting.

Why we are #GladToCare

At Cavendish Professionals Homecare we provide bespoke services, created by experts, to meet the needs of our clients. We pride ourselves on compassion, confidentiality, and attention to detail. Our reputation is built on being professional, organised, and efficient, to deliver the best services possible.

Our team of experts are a family that is full of compassion, understanding, and most importantly is dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of every client. We have a group of experienced nurses and carers that support a wide range of families to provide the highest quality of life and pride themselves on delivering the highest level of personal service.

“I’m glad to be part of a profession which has such a significant impact on people’s lives. It is very rewarding to be able to care for patients who are often vulnerable due to their illnesses. Delivering a high standard of nursing care with kindness and compassion is the epitome of clinical excellence and what we should all be striving to achieve.” – Denise Moore, Manager RN at Cavendish Professionals Homecare.

More on #GladToCare Awareness Week

For more information on #GladtoCare Week, please visit To keep up to date with the happenings of #GladtoCare Week.

About the Author…

Misha Zemkova

Operations Assistant

As a volunteer at North London Action for the Homeless, Misha stands out for her exceptional ability to connect with people through active listening and meaningful dialogue. With seven years of invaluable experience as a Team Leader and Key Worker for adults with diverse learning disabilities, including cerebral palsy, dementia, Down syndrome, and brain injuries, Misha brings extensive experience and a deep understanding of caring for individuals with unique needs.

Now a pivotal member of the operations team at Cavendish Homecare, Misha actively supports Nurse Managers and the Bookings team in delivering high-quality care. She has demonstrated outstanding commitment to supporting charity partner Cruse Bereavement through events such as the Virtual TCS London Marathon and Light up the Night.

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