How to become a home care nurse

January 18, 2022 Homecare Services

How to become a home care nurse

Becoming a home care nurse is a career choice for people who want to provide care for others in the comfort of the patient’s own home, during or after a period of illness. This guide will give an overview of how long it might take to train as a registered home care nurse and explore some of the qualifications required.

The Cavendish Homecare teamwork to maintains a strong list of registered nurses available to provide its services, from respite care to live-in care, with many other options available. If you would like to speak to us about any of the services available or discuss your or a loved one’s need for care, please do not hesitate to contact Cavendish Homecare

What is a home care nurse?

A home care nurse is a registered nurse that has chosen to use their skills to work specifically in this area of care. A registered nurse has completed a degree in nursing and is registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). Nurses develop skills in clinical decision-making and learn how to use medical equipment so they can provide a wide range of care services and treatments. Home care nurses help to plan and deliver care for patients with both physical and mental health needs. They often work as part of a team through every stage of a patient’s healthcare journey, including palliative and end-of-life care, which many patients would prefer to receive at home. All registered nurses choose from four specialisms as part of their degree. These are:

  • Adult nursing
  • Children’s nursing
  • Mental health nursing
  • Learning disability nursing

After qualifying with a degree, there are other courses available to nurses to help them develop particular skills in areas of medical care so they can carry out specific work. This is when a nurse may choose to become a home care nurse, learning and developing skills in managing care in a home setting, rather than a hospital or clinic. Again, this will mean they can provide a range of services such as cancer and critical care to rehabilitation and epilepsy management. As part of the degree and training, registered nurses spend half of the nursing degree on supervised placements in local hospital and community settings. This allows for home care nurses to develop skills in a real-life setting and see first-hand the kind of work that would be carried out. Cavendish Homecare hires registered home care nurses who have selected training that supports our services. This means the clients that come to us for our tailored home care solution receive only the best in care from professional and compassionate individuals.

What does Cavendish Homecare look for in a home care nurse?

Working in-home care is a popular option for many nurses due to its benefits such as flexible hours. It also still allows them to work across a range of medical care, including mental healthcare, and their services can be used in secure centers or special schools as well as patients’ homes. Home care nurses build strong relationships with patients and families, they spend quality time with them helping them to recover or manage their needs. This strong bond is incredibly rewarding and beneficial for both home care nurses and those they care for. Cavendish Homecare looks for registered nurses that wish to specialise in-home care and can provide the many services we offer. The requirements for working with us cover both professional and personal factors. Below is a brief overview of what we look for when hiring.

Professional requirements:

During an initial phone interview, we will ask for:

  • Evidence of experience
  • At least 12 month’s experience as a Healthcare Assistant/Registered Nurse in a hospital or other caring environment
  • Any mandatory training to be up to date
  • A DBS check
  • The the right to work in the UK

We will also be looking for:

  • A good standard of English
  • Good communication skills
  • Any evidence of specialised training

After the phone interview, you may be invited to an in-person interview. This is usually with our Registered Nurse Manager at our head office in London. During this, your experience and training will be discussed.

Personal requirements:

To work as a home care nurse, Cavendish Homecare looks for the following personality traits:

  • Compassionate & Caring
  • Confident & professional
  • Discreet & trustworthy
  • Excellent at communicating
  • A flexible approach to work
  • The ability to work independently

Registered home care nurses at Cavendish Homecare

Are you a registered nurse? Would you like to work in-home care? Cavendish Homecare offers support, training, and professional development to all our nurses so they can provide the superior quality of care given to our clients. We are always available to support you and your journey, so you have the confidence to deliver expert services to our clients. Home healthcare is a very fulfilling career, allowing you to improve lives. Speak to our team today to discuss available roles, requirements and your next career steps on 0203 008 5210.