Members of Care England

December 12, 2023 Affiliations

Members of Care England

Becoming a part of the Care England membership has many positive implications and benefits for Cavendish Homecare as a care provider.

What is Care England?

Care England is a leading representative entity for care providers throughout the UK, advocating for their interests and ensuring their voices resonate with the top decision-makers. This multi-faceted organisation is dedicated to ensuring its members continue to deliver high-quality care that people deserve.

What does Care England do?

Care Agenda

Care Agenda is a monthly magazine distributed by Care England to all its members containing informed articles from experts providing views on the future of care.

Parliamentary Wrap-Up

Members also receive a monthly bulletin encompassing the most recent developments within the Parliament, providing updates of legalisation, debates, Parliamentary questions and other business.

Policy Insight

This offers a window into the latest and most pertinent policy updates regarding adult social care, ensuring that members stay informed about potential impacts on their service delivery.

Acting as a voice for its members

Care England represent the views, concerns and acts as a spokesperson for its members, to national consultants, parliamentary committee consultation to inform the policy landscape.

What does the Care England membership include?

Clinical Groups

Keeping members up to date with clinical matter within the ever-changing environments and providing the opportunity to help influence what needs to be changed.

Conference and events

Invitation to the Care England annual conference and other events, along with webinars on topics of interest.

Welcome meeting

An introductory meeting and communication with Professor Martin Green OBE and George Appleton the head of policy.

HR Group

Monthly meetings to discuss the most pertinent issues relating to the workforce, training and recruitment.

Cavendish Homecare’s membership with Care England not only ensures access to valuable resources, informed insights and influential problems but also establishes a collaborative environment where we can shape and enhance our care provision practices amidst the evolving landscape of the industry.