Cavendish Homecare nurses awarded the ‘Queen’s Nurse’ title

December 11, 2023 Awards

Cavendish Homecare nurses awarded the ‘Queen’s Nurse’ title

What is the Queen’s Nursing Institute?

Founded in 1887 with a generous £70,000 grant by Queen Victoria from the Women’s Jubilee Fund, the Queen’s Nursing Institute (QNI) stands as the UK’s oldest nursing organisation. A Royal Charter named it the ‘Queen Victoria Jubilee Institute for Nurses’ and gave it the objectives of ‘training, support, maintenance of women to act as nurses for the sick poor’. Initially established to coordinate the training of District Nurses, the QNI played a pivotal role in shaping a highly skilled healthcare service.

From 1889 to 1968, the title was bestowed upon individuals who successfully completed the QNI’s training for District Nurses. However, in 1968, the qualification was discontinued and education for nurses transitioned to the NHS and higher education.

What is the ‘Queens Nurse’ Title?

Today, aspiring Queen’s Nurses’ (QNs) undergo a different process. They present evidence of experience and skills supported by references from patients and colleagues. The QN isn’t merely a recognition of past service or qualification; it signifies membership in a professional network of nurses committed to delivering and leading outstanding community care. QN’s are distinguished by their dedication to continual learning, leadership and delivering excellence in patient care. Their commitment extends to enhancing community care standards, marked by a robust emphasis on learning and leadership that epitomises best practices.

Cavendish Homecare nurses awarded the ‘Queen’s Nurse’ title

Registered Deputy Nurse Manager and John’s Campaign Ambassador, Maggie Candy, alongside Cavendish Homecare Nurse Emily Mullan, have been granted the prestigious title of ‘Queen’s Nurse’.

The Queen’s Nursing Institute, a charitable organisation, strives to care for individuals in their residences across England, Wales and Northern Island.

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Having transitioned into a pivotal role as a recruitment and compliance assistant at Cavendish Homecare, Grace excels at guiding nurses and carers through the onboarding process and expertly handling the meticulous management of compliance. Grace’s multifaceted contributions showcase her as an exceptional professional with a genuine commitment to making a positive impact on all clients, nurses, and carers.

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