Mobile Health Apps – what are the advantages?

April 15, 2020 New Research

Mobile Health Apps – what are the advantages?

Mobile Technology

Mobile health apps are slowly becoming the ‘norm’ to provide better healthcare and health facilities at the fingertips of the user. There are a wide range of mobile apps that can benefit a person’s health needs. These range from tracking your sleeping patterns to monitoring your blood sugar levels

Mobile Apps Available

1. Asthma App

In December 2019, an augmented reality asthma training app was rolled out across Suffolk healthcare and education settings by Suffolk Public Health and Orbital Media.

MySpira is a metered-dose inhaler training app. Research suggests that 97% of children misuse their inhalers. Therefore, increasing the likelihood of a serious or fatal asthma attack occurring in children. MySpira aims to improve the training of correct inhaler techniques. As a result, using a combination of augmented reality and gameplay.

Paul Brown, chief executive of Suffolk Primary Care said: “Research has shown that, when asthma sufferers use their inhalers incorrectly, less than 5% of the medicine reaches where it is needed in the lungs. Where proper inhaler training programs have been put in place. However, emergency admissions have been reduced by 50% and asthma deaths by 75%.”


MySpira introduces likable characters and tactile interactions. Therefore, engaging children who have asthma with games they can play with parents, siblings or friends. During the experience, the child is taught about asthma keywords, triggers, different types of inhalers, how to prepare the inhaler and spacer and how to use the medication correctly.

2. Heart Conditions

A new self-care exercise program using an app called Activ8rlives App has been launched. The app helps patients recovering from heart conditions learn how to exercise safely. As well as, monitor and record their health metrics. Therefore, tracking their progress and allowing them access to a personal health coach.


The programme includes; classes in which patients are guided to exercise safely and appropriately. In addition to the classes, patients are given monitors to record their health metrics at home. These are then uploaded to the app. Their data is shared with their health coaches.

There is a multitude of mobile apps available, most of which can be tailored to the patient’s individual needs.

Advantages of Mobile Health Apps 

Mobile health apps are beneficial for both patients and their caregivers as they make information more accessible, improve the decision-making process, produce a higher accuracy of care, enhance efficiency and better communication.

Our Take  

Whilst mobile health apps have many benefits for patients as well as their caregivers, we recommend you seek advice from your GP or medical professional before use. Cavendish Homecare is not endorsing mobile apps. However, we aim to provide our audience with as much information as possible. Therefore, you can make informed decisions with the assistance of your medical professionals.

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