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The Lantern Model

Introduction to the Lantern Model

Following last year’s successful trial of introducing this new international model of palliative and end of life care, Cavendish Homecare are now implementing the Lantern Model into their services such as the palliative home care – they are amongst the first in the UK to pilot and use this nurse led style of care.

This exciting collaboration with St. Christopher’s hospice will help ensure that our nursing staff continue to evidence the very best in nursing, palliative and end of life practice, ensuring they continue to deliver outstanding, individual care. The Lantern Model is nurse led and totally holistic – always centred on the person behind the illness, their wishes and also includes family involvement.

This fits perfectly with the Cavendish ethos of individual care based on best outcomes – as well as complementing our commitment to  including families in information sharing. The Lantern Model supports those living with dementia as it is designed to be individual, and upholds dignity in care practices.

Our own Nursing Consultant Maggie Candy is a Lantern Model focus and advisory group member with St. Christopher’s, helping to implement and share best practice with others. Chief Nurse Deborah Sturdy, Adult Social Care, Department of Health supports this nurse led innovative project  – and recently met to discuss this with Co-Founders Heather Richardson, Marie Cooper and  Cavendish Homecare.

The key to all outstanding care is careful evaluation and planning – to ensure services are exactly right for that individual. Cavendish Professionals Homecare continue to work alongside St. Christopher’s hospice in the provision of all contemporary care that is fit for purpose.

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