Travel care assistance

October 30, 2018 Travel Assistance

Travel care assistance

Do you want to visit a family member abroad but feel you can’t because you need assistance? Or are you travelling to or from the UK for a holiday or medical treatment and need medical support? We can help with our travel care assistance package.

Most people do not even think about the need for a travel care assistance, however, for some having a carer, or medical professional’s assistance whilst abroad is vital, and in some instances, the only way that many would be able to travel.

Travel care assistance is not new, yet it can be hard to find. Cavendish Homecare understands the difficultly and challenges that people can face when travelling and that is why we are experts in this field and can help by providing you with a nurse or carer whilst you travel or assist with your medical needs whilst in London.

Cavendish Homecare have registered nurses and carers that will be right there to assist your medical needs whilst away. Our extensive database of nursing staff provides unrivalled help and support to make your travels easier.

To prepare for your trip, our Homecare team have provided a top tip checklist to run through before embarking on your journey.

Top tips if travelling with an existing medical condition

  • Speak to your doctor
    Your first point of call must be to speak to your doctor to discuss your travel plans. Get your initial sign off from them. They will be able to advise if your destination is advisable and most importantly if you are well enough to make the trip. They may be able to help with providing medical letters to necessary organisations (airline, hotel etc if needed).
  • Familiarise yourself with your destination
    We all like to plan what we will do on our time away, but don’t forget to include information on the following; nearest hospital, British Embassy contact details and emergency services telephone numbers. We know it might not exactly sound like the fun activity contact list you had planned, but better to be safe and prepared (hopefully it won’t be needed).
  • Secure specialist travel insurance
    There are specialist insurers that will insure an existing medical condition. You can find these by doing a quick internet search. Alternatively, your doctor may be able to assistant by recommending companies that specialise in insuring pre-existing medical travel insurance.
  • Travel vaccinations
    Ensure that you are up to date with all the necessary vaccinations, especially if you are going to enter a tropical climate. Your doctor will be able to advise which vaccinations you will need as well as advising if they will interfere with your current medication. There are some countries that won’t allow entry if you do not have the required vaccinations.
  • Take the correct medication
    If you are currently taking medication, ensure you taken enough for your holiday and a bit more in an event that you might be delayed on your return journey. As part of the vaccinations you may need to take continual medication such as malaria tablets, again check this with your doctor if you are already taking medication.
  • Look after yourself
    Most importantly look after yourself. Keep hydrated especially if you are going to warmer climates. Wrap-up warm if you are in cooler temperatures. Appropriate footwear if taking long strolls. Check that your requirements are catered for at both arrival and departure airports, if walking is difficult requesting a wheelchair. In addition, it is good to confirm accommodation facilities. What is their access facilities? – Do they have ramps, lifts? Is your room located on the ground floor?

Other sources of information that can help

How can Cavendish Homecare help?

Cavendish Homecare provides specialised private home care nursing throughout London and the South East. If you or someone you know requires travel care assistance, alternatively any private care in the home. Our team come from registered nurses to compassionate family liaison experts – that’s why we understand that each patient requires individual specialised plans, therefore, we take the time to meet you and your family to plan yours, or your loved one’s personal care requirements.

We have been within private healthcare since 2009 and built up a respected reputation for delivering a professional yet compassionate service. Our services are not restricted to travel care assistance, we are also able to provide you with; live-in homecare, cancer home care, post-operative home care and respite homecare as well as palliative homecare.

Find out how we can help with your travel care requirements, alternatively, any other healthcare needs you may be seeking for yourself or loved one. Please do get in touch with us on 0203 008 5210, or email us at info@cavendishhomecare.comf

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Starting her career in Health and Social Care with a Certificate of Higher Education from the Open University, Misha Zemkova is committed to making a positive impact.

With seven years of invaluable experience as a Key Worker for adults with diverse learning disabilities, Misha brings extensive experience and a deep understanding of caring for individuals with unique needs. As a volunteer at North London Action for the Homeless, Misha also stands out for her exceptional ability to connect with people through active listening.

Now a pivotal member of the operations team at Cavendish Homecare, Misha actively supports Nurse Managers and the Bookings team in delivering high-quality care. She has demonstrated outstanding commitment to supporting charity partner Cruse Bereavement through events such as the Virtual TCS London Marathon and Light up the Night.

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