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Questions to Ask When Looking for Home Nursing

“Getting the right care for a loved one is vital. Whether respite, cancer or palliative care, you need the answers to various questions…”

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Post-hospital Care – What to Do Before Transitioning Back Home

“When a relative goes into hospital, for something routine or an unplanned visit, it can be a worrying time. As well as considering the treatment and care they receive, you must think about what will happen when it is time for them to return home….”

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What to Expect From a Palliative Home Care Plan

“ You can choose to have a live-in carer or receive regular home visits. And when you are looking for palliative home care you will need to ask questions to help you find the best fit for you or a loved one…”

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Post-Surgery Recovery at Home Advice

“If you or a loved one needs to go into hospital for an operation, no matter how minor, there will be a period of post surgery recovery following it. The time it takes to fully recover will depend on the type of operation, the anaesthetic given and your health prior to having the surgery….”

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Respite Care

“When you are a caregiver for a loved one, you may sometimes need to take a short break. This could be for a holiday, to take some time for yourself – to attend to personal matters or simply relax and recharge…”

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Simple Dementia Care Anyone Can Give

“Caring for someone with dementia can be mentally and physically exhausting — but equally rewarding. The good news is that there are a lot of ways people with dementia can be cared for that anyone can do…”

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Travelling With Elderly Parents

“Travelling with elderly parents or relatives can bring additional challenges to a holiday plan. In this guide, we will help you to pack and prepare for the trip, giving you peace of mind…”

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What Home Care Essential Products Are You Missing?

“As we get older, there are numerous tools and products available to help us to perform day-to-day tasks. Sometimes our mobility isn’t what it was, so we can use a walker or a walking stick to help us….”

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The Future of Home Nursing Care: What Might 2030 Bring?

“It’s impossible to predict the future, but with developments in technology and AI (artificial intelligence) across the medical profession, it’s hard to imagine that home nursing will go unaffected….”

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